3 Ways LED Collars Save Lives 1

LED Collars Save Lives

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All dogs go to heaven. But while they’re on earth, their lives, however short, are precious. On average, dogs live to about 15 years, but from their furry perspective, innocent of time’s creeping, each dog year lasts around seven times as long as human years.

Thus, as earth stewards, humans must take great care to protect their most loyal friends, the dogs walking beside them.

If you have a canine companion, you can protect your pet by having them wear a collar. Even better, an LED collar. Why that, specifically?

Here are a few ways collars that glow in the dark can save your beloved buddy.

Prevent Dogs from Getting Run Over

Many speeding vehicles accidentally hit animals on the road because they fail to notice those creatures, particularly at night when darkness hides plenty of surprises in time to adjust their speed and course.

Sure, they can do an abrupt stop, but that often leads to worse accidents, even more so for motorcycles that’ll likely crash if their riders panic and engage the brakes too hard and too instantly. Thus, even though it sounds cruel, some motorists, guilt forever marring their souls, are left with no choice but to run over the poor animals crossing the road.

That situation can be avoided with your dog if drivers can spot them from a distance, which a brightly lit LED collar can do effectively. The human eye quickly picks up flashes of light, after all.

With even a few seconds of advance notice, motorists can slow down to avoid hitting your pet. No person in their right mind will ever intentionally run into an animal.

Easy to Find Lost Dogs

Some dogs, especially the young unneutered ones, love to roam and explore. Sometimes they’ll get lost.

If they wear an LED collar, you’ll have a better chance of spotting and recalling them, even if they’re at a distance. Some specialized lighted collars also come with a GPS tracker so you can monitor your pet’s adventures without worrying about them straying off beyond your reach.

Rescue Dogs Do Their Jobs Better

LED collars not only protect your pet’s life; they can help save human lives too.

For example, a tracking dog wearing an LED collar can make it easier for their handlers to keep up with them as they seek their target trail. This is even more vital at night or in low-visibility areas like dense forest.

Rapid action in a search-and-rescue operation may be the difference between life and death for the person or persons in distress. And if the police are hunting down a felon, their hounds’ swiftness can lead to their quick arrest, thereby preventing the said criminal from harming any more victims.

At the Tail End

These are just three common ways how having an illuminated collar on your dog can save its life (and that of others too). If these are still not enough to convince you to get one, you may want to reflect on how much your pet means to you.

Think of the undying, unconditional love they give you. Think of their safety. Anything that can extend their stay on earth is always worth it.