4 Advantages of Carrying a Mortgage 1

Even though most people need finance to acquire a home, some have the funds to make a cash deal. There is a possibility that the property is relatively cheap, is downsizing, has recently sold another house, or has lots of other liquid assets. While some may counsel to reduce debt, and in most forms of debt, I would reach an agreement, there are many reasons this guidance does not apply to a home loan or mortgage. Below is a review of the four advantages of carrying a mortgage while comprehending the major reason not to dip one’s monthly carrying charges/ fixed expenses.

Carrying a Mortgage

1. Opportunity cost of money: Many have come across this expression but cannot fully understand it or don’t believe it applies to them. Question yourself; it might make more sense to preserve one’s funds, invest them distinctly, and take out a mortgage.

2. Cash flow: If you are giving 4.5% as your mortgage rate and meritoriously paying quite a bit less because of tax considerations, and you believe you can, over time, make more from your investments, doesn’t a mortgage make sense?

3. Tax deductible: Mortgage interest is tax-deductible, costing you substantially less than any other form of a loan.

4. Escrow: When you have a mortgage, most advancing institutions will also charge and keep an escrow account to pay the real estate taxes, insurance, etc. You won’t have to be concerned about keeping track of making a real estate tax payment and being paid a late penalty fee because the loaner will recompense this out of your account.

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