4 Great Ways to Deal with Mold in Your Home 1

Mold is a wide pervasive issue with buildings having extreme humidity in their surroundings. It thrives anywhere it can find moisture, especially damp, warm, poorly lit, and poorly ventilated places. Not only is it an eyesore, but it is also very hazardous for human health and the safety of pets. It creates an unpleasant odor and causes an expensive problem like wood rot. It has also been linked to severe respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and even asthma attacks.

 Mold in Your Home

Mold growth is invisible to the naked eye and fills the indoor air with toxins. People quite often consider mold formation to be normal and tend to ignore it without realizing that it is one of the most persistent and destructive problems that can affect a home. In this article, let us discuss some expert ways to deal with mold, along with information on to prevent it in the first place itself-

Identify the Initial Signs

Pay close attention to the darkest and dampest rooms of your house, like a basement, bathroom, cold storage rooms, etc., as these provide the most favorable conditions to the mold for brooding. Look out for any initial signs. For instance, mildew is the most visible type of mold, which begins as tiny black spots growing into larger colonies later. Mildew is the initial stage that stays on the surface and doesn’t cause any immediate damage to your home’s structure but can worsen if shown a blind eye. Some of the other common signs are bubbling paint or wallpaper, condensation on walls, water stains, discoloration of walls, and damp, musty odors.

Professional Mold Inspection and Testing

Although there are several mold testing kits available in the market, nothing can beat a mold specialist’s keen eye. Professional mold testing is the only way to confirm the presence of mold and determine the type of species infesting your home. The specialized testing methods deployed by mold inspectors are extremely reliable and safe. With years of experience and expert knowledge, they can assess the situation better than any average individual. You can easily research for a professional mold remediation company online and compare their customer reviews to get a clear idea about the company. Also, consider taking some referrals from your friends, relatives, or colleagues and ask for their experience.

Precautionary Measures

It is better to be proactive and take all precautionary measures to stop this pesky fungus from taking hold of your home. As mentioned before, mold successfully thrives in dark and damp conditions; it gets highly crucial to keep your home dry and let the sunlight in during the daytime. It is quite often observed that buildings with a sun-facing direction tend to get less affected by mold. Also, make sure you clean your bathroom and kitchen regularly and stretch out wet shower curtains. Replacing any cracked mortars in your basement and having sufficient drainage would save you from these unwanted houseguests from sticking around.

The most powerful step that you can undertake to stop the formation or re-growth of the mold is to control the building’s moisture. Try to fix any leakages in water pipes and or any other plumbing issues. You may also invest in a dehumidifier for damp areas if the humidity level is high. But the most natural and cheap way would be ensuring an efficient ventilation system for proper air exchange. Remember- mold is a living organism, and eradicating it is highly challenging. Still, you can surely minimize the chances of its development and prevent further damage by taking the desired steps.