Radial shaft seals are primarily used to retain the lubrication so that there is no chance of contamination. Also, it is responsible for the separation of the two fluids. Apart from these, all other tasks performed by a radial shaft seal are dependent upon the various application conditions like the speed of the shaft, the temperature maintained by the seal etc.

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As we all know that lubrication is necessary to aid proper performance and even succors in providing a long life to the shaft. Thus, if the seal does not retain ample lubrication, there is a good chance that the radial shaft is on risk to fail prematurely.

Given below are some useful tips that will surely help in the selection of the right seal for your radial shaft:

  • An orderly design

This is the mandatory step that ought to be taken into consideration so that the seal works just fine on the shaft. Installing a seal is largely dependent upon the design of the shaft and the housing bore. Some ideal design consideration includes no sharp edges present besides maintaining a lead in chamfer of 15-30 degrees. This will not only minimize the risk of improper lubrication but also aid in keeping away from any contamination.

  • Provision of a clean environment

Perhaps, not just a fine design but also a clean environment plays an indispensable role in installing the seal onto the shaft. It is thus, important to maintain dirt-free and controlled surroundings that would stop the entry of contaminants on the sealing area. It is thus recommended that one must clean the shaft or seal by wiping them with a clean cloth before seal it with the right lubricant. This will be helpful in improving the performance of these oil seals manifolds and impart a longer bearing life.

  • Proper handling and storing

With the seals being used to operate the radial shaft in a correct way, it is necessary that they must be handled in a proper manner which will not only cater to impart better service but also result in reducing the bizarre effects that would otherwise be caused by it. Moreover, following all the guidelines in a refined way will elevate the installation and storage process and will lead to incorporate an efficient use of the seal over the shaft.

  • Understand the importance of choosing the right-sized seal

Always be clear that there is no alternative to selecting the right sized seal i.e. you cannot use one seal for any sized radial shaft. You should indulge in the healthy practice of installing the appropriate sized seal according to the size of the radial shaft being used. Thus, avoid the one-size-fits-all paradigm.

All in all, the best lubricant can be selected if you keep in mind all the above-mentioned tips and work in accordance with them. This will give a boost to the radial shaft and aid in excellent performance besides serving the fundamental purpose of lubricating it.