Social media marketing has emerged to be one of the quickest mediums to reach out to a large audience. It enables you to save both your time and money and increases productivity. Since there are so many existing options available it becomes difficult to choose from, here are some latest social media trends you should know in order to take your brand to the next level.

  1. Live Video Streaming

An ever-increasing number of business marketers and advertisers are concentrating on video content as opposed to pictures for promoting their brands. It’s imperative to ensure that the video content you deliver is firmly lined up with the image of your brand and associates with your clients. One way to achieve this is by making videos that your clients can identify with, and concentrate on demonstrating how your product can be used instead of emphasizing only on the item itself. Facebook and Instagram Stories have turned out to be exceptionally mainstream among singular clients and brands alike. It is important for content strategists and advertisers to create posts which can be included in their stories as well. This helps in gaining views.4 SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS YOU SHOULD KNOW FOR 2018 2

  1. Influencer Marketing

Seeing their favorite celebrities endorsing a particular brand was one reason for clients to buy certain products. Keeping this in mind, business advertisers and marketers for a long time used this as a marketing strategy. But hiring an artist or a celebrity for promoting your brand is really expensive and is difficult to continue in the long run. Hence in order to counter this problem, advertisers have come up with a more sensible solution, by hiring social networking influencers (or smaller scale influencers), who are big names in their own circles. Small scale influencers can have an unimaginable measure of reach, and have followers in several thousands or millions. Brands are moving towards paying these influencers to advance their particular items since they convey 11 times the ROI contrasted with conventional computerized advertising, and 49% of individuals recommend that they rely upon influencers for their buy choices.



  1. Augmented Reality

The utilization of Augmented Reality on cell phones gives a specialty and drawing in route for advertisers to achieve their intended interest group – it’s brisk, simple and extremely intelligent. In the year 2017, Tech giant, Apple launched iPhone 8 and iPhone X which introduced clients to augmented reality. In this manner it’s presumable that more social channels will try to implement better approaches for coordinating AR into their stages. Even Snapchat revealed another AR highlight enabling clients to create their own Bitmoji using the application’s camera.

  1. Engaging with the end users

Numerous brands have contracted strategists and advertisers to speak with end users and potential clients. Online networking content administrators have started replying to queries of clients using the “comments” section of Instagram and reply back to tweets on Twitter. Doing so increases connectivity with the users and is an incredible method to gain their trust and build a loyal image of your own brand.