5 Armored Truck Facts That Might Shock You 1

There may be numerous questions going in your mind when you catch the sight of an armoured truck driving down the street. You perhaps don’t even realize its appearance unless a security guard is walking around. But the sad part is that no one sees the armoured trucks for what they are really capable of. If you would be driving one, then you would feel like you were imperishable and you would take on the world. So let’s get to know some of the truck facts that might actually shock you.

 Might Shock You

You may wonder that driving an armoured truck with a huge amount of cash in the backseat would be unsafe. It is a little risky, but there are other security jobs where there is a higher probability of getting killed.

Armoured vehicles are extremely heavyweight, and when they are fully encumbered, they can weigh up as much as a fairly small humpback whale. Wee, you must not forget that they usually have a huge amount of money in the back comprised of small coins which add on to the weight.

Imagine a scenario where someone, preferably a shooter who tries to shoot the tires of the truck. This can lead to a fatal accident if it was a normal truck but not in the case of an armoured truck. An armoured truck can drive with flat tires at pretty fast speed.

When someone is being attacked, the driver can only think of certain ways about getting the truck to a safe place, and it is conceivable as they can drive on flattened tires. It is in point of fact difficult to burst their tires in the first place, but at least they have methods in place in case that does not happen.

Trucks were influenced by September, 11th

No one can ever forget 9/11, the fateful day for many people in the world. It transformed a lot of things, and the armoured truck industry was not on a very different path. The major problem was a susceptible fuel tank and the base of every truck, for the reason that if a bomb went off the general public inside wouldn’t have stood much of a chance. These days you will find that the fuel tank can be disconnected remotely. The bottom of the truck is also a lot sturdier, and it can become aware of any bombs in its path.

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