5 Major Reasons Your Home Need New Windows 1

Have you ever looked carefully at the windows of your house? There may be signs of wear and tear, cracks, pealed of polish, or rust. This was not enough that termite invasion just followed its way to the walls after eating away the wooden frames of your windows. How could you neglect such a disaster?

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The windows are as important as doors since they are the second exit and entry points leading to your house. They have a significant role in regulating the temperature of your home and maintaining privacy. If the windows in your house are tattered, then you must invest in new windows. 

Here are some of the major reasons why you need new windows-

1) They are old-fashion-

 If you have recently renovated your home, the old and traditional windows may not blend with the rest of the interior. Moreover, the old and dull windows can lower your house’s appearance externally and internally; if you want to eliminate the ancient windows, congratulations! Various options are available in terms of style, design, material, and colors to choose from that will match your house’s aesthetics.

2) The material has withered away-

 If you scrutinize your windows, you can witness that the polish of your wooden windows has faded because of daily exposure to environmental factors, including direct sunlight, rain, and snow. Besides, if your windows are made of iron, they can get corrupted with time due to iron oxidation, forming rust. The rust can weaken the material, and your windows can fall apart. It is the major reason for you to replace your windows.

3) Pests are making their way to your home-

 There could be an intrusion of pests from the cracked, patched, and broken parts of the windows. Even when the window accessory loosens up, the windows usually hang loosely, giving an easy way for the pests to enter through. These pests are harmful to your health and home and to the windows since they feed on the organic parts of your windows. Therefore, install new windows made of sturdy material like aluminum, which is not affected by pests and other environmental factors.

4) They are making obscure noises-

 Are you experiencing absurd noises coming from the windows? If yes, you should understand that your windows’ nuts and bolts have collapsed and have loosened up, allowing the windows to hang loosely. Secondly, the window frames have lost their sealant, making it uneven. If you hear your window making noises frequently, it’s time to either get them repaired or completely replaced.

5) Your utility bills are increasing-

 Windows are great energy savers as they can keep your house warm during winters and cold during summers, keeping the heat and cold inside. If your home doesn’t remain cool or heated and you are experiencing a hike in your utility bills, your windows are the culprit since they allow the energy to escape to the exteriors.