5 Most Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes 1

Carpet cleaning is not as simple as people think. Before cleaning your carpet, you must be aware of appropriate methods to remove dirt and stains and increase your carpet’s durability. Listed below are a few common mistakes that people make:

Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Not cleaning up spills immediately. Don’t let the tumble dry before touching it. Rubbing it will make the fall harder to clean. Liquids seep into carpet padding over time, and rubbing it makes it go even deeper. The deeper it goes, it can lead to unpleasant odors and mold growth. The stain can erode carpet fibers if you don’t clean it immediately. Make sure to clean it immediately to avoid further damage to your carpet.

Another mistake that can be made is using too much water or cleaning products. The more water and cleaning products you use, the harder it will be for your carpet to absorb. In case you accidentally do this, make sure to use a steam cleaner. Otherwise, it can cause the growth of mold. Another mistake that is usually made is using strong cleaning products. These can damage fibers or dissolve colors in your carpet. To avoid this, you should first read the cleaning solutions labels to see if they contain unwanted formulas or chemicals.

Scrubbing stains out is yet another mistake people make. Although hard scrubbing may eliminate a color, this will cause damage to the carpet fibers. Blotting out the color or spilling it with a paper or cloth towel is more effective. After this is absorbed, use a stain remover to clean the rest.

Cleaning too often is yet another common mistake people who own carpets make. Make sure to clean your carpet regularly but only when it is necessary. Some people tend to over-clean by using too many strong chemicals too often. This reduces the carpet’s life cycle by damaging its fibers and eroding the colors. Excessive scrubbing and overuse of chemicals can have a horrible, long-lasting effect on the mat. This is a place to note that more is not always better.

Lastly, a mistake made by most carpet owners is not hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Many people tend to avoid hiring professional services for help because they think it is an extra cost that can be avoided. However, this is the wrong ideology to have. While you can maybe clean your carpet with little or no assistance, it is best to call in professionals when your carpet gets badly damaged by pets or kids. If you don’t ask for help from professional cleaning services, the damage that has happened may become permanent, and your only alternative will be to buy a new carpet.

This article hopefully gave you useful insight into the cleaning and maintenance of carpets. You hopefully now understand that carpet cleaning is not a job to be taken lightly, and there are simple mistakes that you can avoid to ensure that your carpet remains more durable and healthy in the long run.

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