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5 Myths About Blogging

Blogging can get very mind boggling at times, there are so many factors like comments, likes, tweets, traffic, content, social media and numerous other little things that can increase one’s anxiety to a dangerous level.

If you Google tips & tricks for blogging, you will receive numerous results telling what to do and what not do, and with so many suggestions by endless professional and amateur bloggers, difference in opinion is inevitable; which leads to even greater confusion. So here are 5 basic myths that will help in clearing some doubts that you may have been debating about:


Myth 01: You can write about anything

Sure you can write about anything, but this theory holds true when you are starting your blog and deciding what to write about. But once you’ve started you need to be a little more focused and concentrate on the theme of your blog. Freedom of speech is a luxury in blogging, but if you wish to receive consistent traffic then you need to stick to a niche. Going off the track is acceptable once in a while, but you can’t be writing about elections one day and gardening the other.

Myth 02: Good Content = Popular Blog

There is a thin line between being good and being popular. It is true that content is the king, but that does not necessarily mean that your blog will become popular automatically. Apart from writing good content and giving useful information, you need to make sure that you make people aware about it and this is where marketing or promoting your blog comes into the picture. Don’t just sit there and expect people to find you on their own because there are many fish in the sea. But the good news is that once people do find you and realize how good your content is, they will keep coming back.

Myth 03: Blogs Are About Writing Only

There are so many things that you can blog about, you will find that there are many blogs that speak through picture or videos. It doesn’t matter how you share, it’s about what you share. You will find that there are many bloggers who share what others have written (of course by giving due credit to the author), while there are some who share links rather than publishing an entire post. By the end of the day, your blog is your baby and you don’t have to stick to a particular format every time and that’s the beauty of blogging.

Myth 04: You Have To Post Daily

This is a very common practice that many bloggers consider as a fundamental of blogging, but then again it’s the quality that counts and not the quantity. But this doesn’t mean that you end up delaying posting and give lengthy gaps between posts, you need to be constant. You can write 3-4 times a week or even once a week, but stick to a schedule so that your readers know when to visit your blog to find something new. If you are not posting daily, then make it a point that you spend some time responding to comments on your blog and promoting your blog through various channels.

Myth 05: Negative Comments Will Ruin My/Company’s Reputation

The fact is that your readers will not always be nice, they may criticize or disagree with you and express it in very harsh ways at times. They may not like what you have written or how you’ve written something, but its not their comments that will determine your reputation rather its how you respond to these comments. Don’t take it personally and provide authentic information, if you think that someone has a point in what they are saying then acknowledge it graciously. Think of it as an opportunity to interact with your readers and engage them in meaningful conversations.



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