5 Question you Must Ask when Hiring a Painting Company 1

Painting is generally a part of the home, office renovation, or improvement project. How the house or workplace looks portrays an impression of the people accommodating it. Besides, good paint enhances the curb appeal of the living areas and improves its overall property value.

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However, these benefits can only be fruitful when you hire a reliable painting company. With many options available in the market, it is generally difficult to find one. Even after you have engaged a paint company or are in the process of hiring, there are various questions you should ask.

Please read below and find out some essential questions you should ask painting contractors before hiring them. Proceed further.

1. Do you have Insurance?

Insurance is the key aspect that should be looked for in a painting company.

Who wants to be liable for any injuries caused to men at work? To save the expenses and liabilities of unexpected accidents at work, you ought to look for a company that provides Insurance for its employees.

Ask your contractor for both general and workers’ insurance. If you are unsure of its validity, call the insurance carrier, and confirm its status.

2. Are the Painters you, Employees, or Independent Contractors?

Usually, painting companies hire sub-contractors for the painting project. This is economical and saves them from various labor taxes and municipal obligations.

Moreover, they are hired at the lowest possible prices and might not assure you quality services. Also, it greatly impacts the safety of your belongings and possessions. Therefore, it is optimal to hire a painting company with true employees.

3. What Kind of Materials do you use?

The quality of materials and paint used influences its longevity and appearance. There is a difference between the coatings to be applied to various materials.

Often high-priced paints contain better ingredients that make the color last longer than the cheaper ones.

Further, questioning the type of materials used by the paint contractors helps determine the knowledge of different paint materials and the cost of various products.

4. What Kind of estimates do you provide?

If you have multiple options for paint companies by your side, it is advisable to ask for estimates from them. Don’t be tempted by the lowest of the highest prices. Learn about the type of estimates offered by them, written or oral.

Preferably go with the one that provides written estimates that include the project’s total cost and the type of materials to be used.

5. How long is your Warranty, and what is included in it?

When hiring a paint company, you would want to be assured of their services. Normally the paint lasts at most ten years, depending on the area’s climatic conditions. Therefore, paint companies should offer warranties and guarantees for unexpected project failures and spell outs. In addition, make sure that it includes labor and paint materials too.