There is no doubt that renting a roll-off dumpster is of great help! But if not used carefully, they could cause damages to your property as well as the area surrounding it. Here are some essential tips on how to use prevent the property from the roll of dumpsters. Read more to find out.


1. Locate the Perfect Parking Spot for the dumpster

Even before you start filling up your dumpster, you must locate the perfect parking spot for the same. Place your dumpster in a spot with a strong and leveled surface and where it won’t block any of the entry gates. You can place it either in your backyard or in your garage. Avoid placing the dumpster on delicate grounds such as those of your garden as there is a high risk of sinking due to the weight. Make use of a tarp or a canvas if you think that things will start falling out of the dumpster; tarps also help prevent the surface below from getting any scratches or breaks, mainly caused due to sliding the dumpster from one place to the other. If you are parking the dumpster inside your carport, then place it in such a way that your car gets sufficient space to move in and out without disturbing it. Use defensive sheets to keep your carport without a scratch.

2. Choose a Dumpster of the right size

Dumpsters are available in many different sizes, and it is always good to select one according to your needs. Most of the Dumpster rental companies limit the height to which the dumpster can be filled, and exceeding it is likewise not a good idea as it can cause either the dumpster to fall due to excess weight or things might start flying out of it. Picking a dumpster of the right size protects your property from any damage.

3. Keep it safe from fire

Avoid Smoking or burning anything close to where the dumpster is located as it can lead to unprecedented fires. It occurs particularly when you have wooden or easily fire catching materials inside the dumpster, and the risk factor is really high. It is always better to keep fire extinguishers handy so that you can react quickly and stop the fire from spreading and causing further damages to your property.

4. Make a clear cut path

It is better to have a clear path for moving items to and fro to the dumpster. This keeps the rest of your property safe from damage and helps you save time in doing the work.

Look for the easiest route at the shortest distance. With a little bit of foreknowledge, trampled bloom beds or pathways on your lovely garden can be avoidable. Put sheets of pressed wood down along the way to eliminate harm.

5. Keep the area surrounding area clean afterward.

Once you are done loading the dumpster, clean the area surrounding it. You really don’t want anyone to stumble and fall from items lying on the ground.