We’ve all loved getting goodie bags at trade shows or promotional events, but to think of it, there’d only be some stuff that we actually use, the others are either left at the promotional event, given away, or never used. Some of the most popular promotional items you’ll receive are food samples, books, soaps, and other cosmetics. Some of the items least popular with the audience are the flyers and business cards. Here are 5 tips that will help ensure that if you are presenting at a seminar, trade show, or an event, your creative promotional products work:

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  1. Your marketing message should have a consistent look and feel

Your website, business cards, business ideology, and products should all fall in line. The consistency should be maintained throughout your social media posts as well as promotional items. It may be the brand logo, the brand colors, or the exact same font. But when people look at your product or banner, they must be able to recollect your brand immediately.

  1. Your promotional items should be things that people want

A lot of money goes into promotional items that no one really uses. Instead of a lot of products that will go to junk in your goodie bag, it makes more sense to give a small product which people are actually likely to use. You could choose from food samples, confectionary, cosmetic samples, or travelling accessories, as these are all things that people are likely to retain and use.

  1. Decide the promotional items with an audience specific thinking

You cannot have office kits for an event centric to kids. Understand the audience you are likely to deal with and who may be your customers in the future and choose your promotional item accordingly. If you have people who tend to travel, luggage tags or travel accessories may be your things. If you have children centric event, try to go with stationery, confectionary, or similar stuff. Try and not lose the uniqueness of your event by going with an item that everybody gives away.

  1. Act smartly when it comes to events and partnerships

Look to maximize your investment by banking in on opportunities coming your way. You could partner with a business that offers a service or product complementary to yours. Have photos taken together that either businesses share on their social media to tap more audiences. Partnerships can work well, unless you take up one with your direct competitor.

  1. Avoid wastage by giving away leftover promotional items

Once the trade show or seminar is done, you may still be left with a few promotional items however they may not necessarily suit your future marketing campaigns. With these items, you may host a giveaway through your social media, newsletter, or through email marketing. This way, within the budget of your last promotion, you can promote your business further.

With these tips, we hope you’d be able to have greater clarity about how to make your creative promotional items work in the favor of your business. We, at Promos Canada, offer just about every promotional gift item that your audience is going to love.