6 Benefits of Night Club Apps 1

If you are a nightclub owner or operated, you already know the value of a customized app for your business. But, let’s say you have been thinking about developing an app for your nightclub but aren’t sold on the idea yet. In this case, here are three major beneficial elements you should consider for your app’s development.

Night Club Apps
6 Benefits of Night Club Apps

1. Directions. This element of any app is essential if your business is located in a trendy area. Nightclubs can, at times, be hard to find. Any nightclub app’s direction element will help people see a map from their location directly to your lounge and make it easier to say “yes” to any promotional mid-week offer you send out.

2. Pricing. Nightclubs don’t usually advertise bottle service amenities via their website. However, more nightclubs are starting to add a “bottle service” option, allowing consumers to pick their bottle, mixers, and time block (sometimes even their booth’s location) right from their phones in less than a minute. Deposits for bottle services are also being processed using an app.


3. Social media contests. By integrating social media elements into your app, customers can easily share their nightclub party photos (and your brand) with their social media lists. This spider web of social media and mobile marketing efforts can grow your business by as much as 175% within the first three months of developing an app.

4. Loyalty Reward. Apps can offer a loyalty program enticing customers to come back and visit repetitively to redeem rewards offered through your app.

5. Music. Offer your DJs the ability to show off their music through your app. You can even offer to sell music through iTunes.

6. Push Notifications. This is the largest benefit of offering an app to your customers. With the ability to contact your customers seamlessly on their mobile phones, you can send messages freely.

Custom nightclub app designs don’t have to be overly complex or expensive to be effective. Many companies offer unlimited customer and tech support to help nightclub owners feel more at ease when hiring a firm to design their apps.

Regardless, nightclub owners and operators should always be comfortable with the customer service experience when hiring a firm to design their app. If you don’t understand the basics of the process, move on to another company.

Source by Philip M Tomich

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