There’s more to the Spotify app on Android and iOS than surely streaming your preferred artists or Spotify’s premixed radio stations. Indeed, the Spotify mobile app can some pretty smart tricks once you know what you’re doing.

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Spotify tips for Android and iOS

For starters, it’s clean to download a Spotify radio mix to your telephone for on-the-move playback without setting a dent for your monthly cellular information allowance—and Indeed, you may set Spotify to stay offline completely if the need arises. You can additionally tweak the first-rate of your audio streaming and music downloads, keep playing tunes even if your playlist is over, “crossfade” from one music to another, and more.


Observe: Several of the capabilities and settings we’ll be protecting require a “top rate” Spotify subscription to be able to set you to lower back about $10 a month. (Psst! You can effortlessly score a 30-day free Spotify top class trial with the proper Google search).

1. Play your radio stations offline

Whether or not they’re based totally on a track, an artist, or a selected “mood,” Spotify’s radio stations are perfect for gambling infinite tunes at domestic over c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a. In case you’re out and approximately, even though, you may not get pleasure from the concept of streaming all that tune over mobile, or possibly you’re on a subway, soaring at cruising altitude, or in any other case not able to get a wireless connection.

Fortuitously, there’s a simple way to shop Spotify radio stations for offline playback, perfect for bringing a smorgasbord of tunes with you while you’re on the pass.

For iOS: This one’s clean. For a curated or “temper” station created through Spotify, pull up the station, then turn at the download switch.

For a custom station you’ve created (primarily based on a song or an artist), faucet the three-dot button within the top-right nook of the screen, then faucet Upload to Playlist. You could then Upload the tracks on your radio station to a present playlist or create a new one (the default name for a new playlist, maybe the station’s call plus a timestamp). Once that’s achieved, go to your new playlist (underneath the Your Library tab), then turn at the download transfer.

In your very own radio stations, you’ll leap thru a few hoops because (for something motive) the Android model of Spotify doesn’t have an easy “Add to playlist” button for a whole station. Rather, you’ll tap the 3-dot button after every music in the station, then tap Upload to playlist—tedious, I recognize.


Any other alternative: Upload just a few songs to a brand new playlist, open the playlist (from the Your Library tab), then faucet the “+” buttons next to the tracks in the Endorsed Songs section.

Yet another choice: Open your custom station the use of the Spotify laptop app, click the 3-dot button close to the top of the display screen, then click Upload to playlist. When you’ve created a brand new playlist with tracks from your radio station, the playlist will seem in the Android app.

Ultimately got your radio playlist created? Open it up (Your Library > Playlists), then flick on the download setting.

2. Pay attention to Spotify offline, and simplest offline

When you’ve got a few radio stations saved for offline playback, you would possibly need to ensure that you don’t by accident begin streaming Spotify tunes over your cellular connection, mainly given Spotify’s AutoPlay characteristic (which I’ll cover in a moment).

Here’s the trick: Activate Spotify’s Offline mode, with a purpose to handiest permit you to play Spotify tracks and playlists you’ve downloaded.

For Android, tap the Your Library tab at the lowest of the display, faucet the Settings button inside the top-right corner of the screen, then turn the Offline mode switch. For iOS, head for the Your Library tab, tap Settings > Playback, then permit Offline mode.

If you’ve got Nougat installed on your Android cellphone, you could Add an Offline button for Spotify on your Short Settings panel. Open Short Settings (swipe down with fingertips from the top of the display), faucet the Edit button at the top of the display, then look for the Offline mode button inside the Drag to feature tiles section.

3. Tip program playing track when your playlist runs out

In case you never want the track to quit, Spotify has a smart feature just for you. The AutoPlay putting (yes, the one we referred to above) will automatically play “Recommended” songs after the playlist or album you’re listening to ends.

It’s a nifty characteristic for all of us who desire continuous tunes without looping the equal tracks time and again—and yes, with AutoPlay enabled, you might become streaming songs after your downloaded playlist tracks are made (until, of direction, you’ve become on Offline mode).

On Android, faucet Your Library > Settings, then toggle the AutoPlay putting on or off. On iOS, you’ll want to faucet Your Library > Settings > Playback to attain the AutoPlay switch.

4. Ios definition out the gaps among songs 


Nothing ruins the mood of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Membership Band” (sure, I’m dating myself) like a jarring bypass between the identity song and “With a touch Help from My Friends.” Luckily, you can set Spotify to do away with the gaps between songs, making for a far extra seamless Fab Four revel in.