6 Popular Blog Ideas & Tips for Dominating the Field 1

When it comes to blogging, you’re using a double-edged sword. You must captivate your audience on one edge with a proven blog topic. Conversely, it would help if you did what everyone else does, only different and better. That’s why we will go over a few popular blog topics, some basics to starting a blog of your own, and some tips on making your blog stand out.

6 Popular Blog Ideas & Tips for Dominating the Field 2

Starting a Blog

There are tons of great guides out there that go into more detail. For time’s sake, we’ll give you a straightforward, 5-point way to start a successful blog.

– Acquire a domain name, good hosting, and a blogging platform.

– Use simple themes to design your blog.

– Add some personal touches to get the right feel and look.

– Get good plugins that fit your blog.

– Ensure you add value to your audience’s lives by writing compelling content.

Popular Blog Topics

You can have a beautiful blog and great content, but if it’s not the content readers want, you won’t find much success. (Outside of niche blogging, that is!) Here are some of the most popular topics to blog about:

– Financial blogs can cover things like budgeting and the criteria for check advance or check cashing, as well as advice on investing, retirement planning, and even downsizing strategies to save money.

– Parenting blogs typically cover having multiple kids, finding quality time for parents, making meals stretch, first-time parent tips, DIY fun and crafts, and holiday ideas.

– Health and fitness blogs help readers learn how to better care for themselves for a more fulfilling and productive life. An eye-opening article about exercise or an informative post about the effects of alcohol on the body can be a life-changing and potentially life-saving piece of content.

– Political blogs mostly stick to one party or cover certain political figureheads. They speak about certain topics or issues. This can spread over various topics, so research in advance to find what is most popular!

– DIY/Crafting blogs are also trendy. Not only can these cover DIY hobbies, but they can also include fixes that save money. DIY crafts can also save money on toys and decorations, monetized to sell, or done as a hobby. So again, research which one you’d feel most comfortable writing about.

Make Your Blog Stand Out

Again, there are tons of guides out there that go into more detail. So we will only be covering a few key points here.

– Have great headlines and tags that catch readers’ attention and search terms.

– Tell stories while discussing juice/hot/popular topics.

– Add great visuals and other media formats (such as videos) to enhance and compliment your blog.

– Make your content very easy to scan and easy to read.

– Link to other blogs, relevant info, and articles that back up what you’re saying (when applicable).

– Make sure you have a consistent publishing schedule for your blog.

– Chat with and engage your readers via comments, emails, Q&As, etc.

– Indulge in book reviews, guest blog posts, and interviews with experts in your field to boost your notoriety and authority.

– Whether you create a persona for your blog or just be yourself, remember that YOU are the product. Even if you give great advice, people won’t stick with the blog if you are unlikeable.

It may seem impossible to do the same thing everyone else is doing, only differently. Still, when you write from your unique POV, take the time to engage with your audience, and make your blog look professional and fun, it’s easier for you. Think!