6 things to consider before buying a vanity 1

Vanity is the centerpiece of any home decor. A fancy and stylish vanity can automatically change the appearance of one’s living room, bedroom, or bathroom. Bathrooms are an important part of one’s home that needs to be updated in décor. It can easily transform a boring and outdated bathroom with new classy features. It is one of the most important markers that define a beautiful bathroom. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while buying the vanity for your bathroom:

6 things to consider before buying a vanity

  • Workable space:

It is important to measure the width and breadth of your bathroom and then choose the vanity of the appropriate size. The size of the vanity depends on the space available in your bathroom. Often, old houses don’t have much depth of bathrooms, so one needs a narrow vanity in that case. With distance, you can determine whether you need one or two sinks for the bathroom. Another important thing is how many people will be using the toilet. Depending on the number of people using it, the vanity size and type also vary. The vanity shouldn’t be too large to obstruct the door’s opening and closing.

  • Style

The style of your vanity is also a significant factor—the kind of décor you want to employ. Whether you prefer traditional vanity style or modernized ones with flat handles and wall mount vanity, vanities come in vivid colors, styles, and contrasts. They, in a way, complement the décor of the home. It will help if you remember what type you want to choose. Also, if you wish to color or contrast your vanity with the tiles and walls of your bathroom, make sure about it beforehand.

  • Waterproof

Bathroom vanity should be waterproof so that they don’t rust or wither away soon. They should be durable and anti-corrosive. You cannot use the wooden wardrobe in your living room here as it will get damaged when it comes in contact with water. It would help if you also considered whether you want a wall-mounted vanity, as they are more convenient and save space in the bathroom.

  • Sink

Sinks are an important part of bathroom vanity. They vary from single sinks to double sinks of different sizes and shapes. These days modular bathrooms have upscale sinks that match the complete aura of the bathroom. If there is not enough space in your bathroom for two sinks, then you need to call a plumber for its adjustment. Restrooms with two sinks are more popular for shared bathrooms, where two people can do their tasks separately without interference.

  • Storage

Storage is also one of the most important factors when installing vanity. They might need extra counter space to keep lotions, makeup items, face wash, etc. There might be a need for vanities with hooks to hang your clothes. There might be shelves in your vanity to keep personal care products like toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouth washer, medication, toilet paper, etc., in your vanity to keep things inside.

  • Plumbing

The last important thing is the need for the plumbing of pipes and drains. After adding the vanity, one must adjust the required pipelining and drain system. Choosing a small vanity that fits the bathroom size is advised so it doesn’t require much plumbing.

These things are important before one begins shopping for bathroom vanity. Keeping these few things in mind, you can create decor that suits your bathroom and home.