Orange Milk Shake Ikicha tube | Little chef recipe

A 6-12 months-antique boy with a meal weblog on YouTube that has currently emerged as popular got paid $2,000 through facebook for the rights to considered one of his cooking films.

Nihal Raj, who is higher known by his pseudonym Kicha, comes from a food enthusiast family. The young chef started cooking when he became the simplest 4, inspired by his mom, an expert baker.

In a maximum of his movies, Kicha demonstrates simple recipes of desserts that involve minimal cooking. “He isn’t a professional,” his father Rajagopal V. Krishnan informed Mashable. After a quick “master elegance” given by way of his mother, Kicha prepares a dish in his personal manner.

Began in 2015, the little chef’s channel KichaTubeHD turned into stimulated by using the popular video blog EvanTubeHD, whose 10-year-antique host from the usa reviewed toys and video games. Kicha’s dad shot the first films on his iPhone, but now movies them with a professional digicam. However, the circle of relatives guarantees that he doesn’t spend more than two hours every week on the videos.


In May 2016, Kicha’s father became contacted via Facebook representatives, and the two sides struck a $2,000 deal in which the enterprise obtained the non-exceptional rights to a video of the boy making Mickey Mouse mango ice cream. The video has come to be Kicha’s predominant hit, which reached nearly 60,000 perspectives.