We all aspire to have the house of our dreams with big rooms, bathrooms, a great kitchen, lawn, garage, and everything we need and want. And finally owning one is a dream come true… but not as easy as it seems. Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities. One has to look after each and every little detail- fixing, maintaining, repairing and what not. Many times, things cannot be managed by you and some outside help may be required.

In case of a serious issue at home, one may need to hire a handyman; however this service can easily get very expensive. Below are some tips that can help you save money and stress and get the best services from a handyman.

  1. Try for a solution yourself
    While this may sound obvious, but you might just surprise yourself. In case of something major like a leaky ceiling, it would be advisable to call someone at the soonest, but in case of issues which are not an emergency, try fixing it yourself. You can always google on the issue and may find some great step-by-step directions say for repairing a water leak or even patching a ceiling. Even in case of a major fix-up, you might want to try some small things before calling a handy-man.
  2. Don’t trust someone who ‘does it all’
    It is as the old saying says that you can either be average at a lot of things or be the best at one thing. The same applies in this situation as well.
    When you come to think of it, you require an electrician for the lighting of your house, a plumber for setting the pipes and installing the flush and so on. You cannot expect the same person to do all these things equally well, it is risky. In fact, in many states, a special license is required for each of these services, and in case someone without a licence works on your home and some damage occurs, it would not be covered by insurance. A handyman would generally not require a license if the project is under $1000, however if it is for more, do check his/her license information.
  3. A house is like a car
    Just like you take your care for regular repairs and checks when you see the engine light or need an oil change, similarly your house also needs to be checked after some period of time for repairs. Even if you notice a small issue, make sure you enquire into it, as it may lead to bigger damage later on.
    For instance, if some shingles look damaged, you want to fix them right away—otherwise, you could be letting the next storm seep in and do some serious rot damage to the wood. That would require a whole lot more work than replacing some shingles. The same can be said of almost any other issue with your home. It recommended that you make a check list for every three months, every year, every three years and check things which would need attention within that period.
  4. Saving money
    One handyman himself stated for the Reader’s Digest that in case your budget is low, you may ask for a price cut, though it depends on the task to be done. Also, they may oblige only if you can help them by picking up the materials before hand and cleaning up after the job is done.

Some more tips to consider-

  1. Make sure there is no disturbance to the handyman while they’re working on their tasks especially if you have a pet.
  2. If you want to get any extra tasks done by the handyman just because he’s there, do expect to be charged for them.
  3. Never let things like eggshells. Grease, flour, coffee grounds, pasta or rice pass through your sink as they will definitely clog up your drains even after the garbage disposal.
  4. While this may sound inconsequential, let the handyman use your bathroom. Letting someone use your bathroom shows trust especially if they are working in your house. It also a more humane thing to do.

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