The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak, but we can. We can keep the wildlife where it should be and also help them to feel safe. There occurs problem when wildlife intrudes human premises but with the right information and techniques, one can solve the conflicts between homeowners and wildlife. Most of the wildlife removal companies are not licensed by the government. Therefore it comes very difficult to control wildlife. Homeowners are exposed to poor incompetent advice, health, safety issues and mishandle wildlife. During these times you must hire a wildlife removal professional. Here’s how you can hire one in an effective manner:


It is always difficult to talk about estimates over the phone. Sometimes the rundown and services offered cannot be understood over the phone. Therefore, make sure to ask them for a site inspection and during their site visit ask them the following:

  • The animal(s) using the structure
  • Potential entry points
  • Are there any offspring?

Most of the companies should be able to answer these questions and also explain their proceedings with the same. Any wildlife expert should possess proper expertise on the biological conditions of the animal at that particular time of the year.


Always try to understand and be aware of the techniques. Always ask the wildlife expert about the type of animal and how will it be handled later? Will it be killed? Or why will it be killed? What will happen to its offspring if there is any? Will they be adopted or orphaned? Is the applied technique useful? How long will it take for the problem to resolve? So be mindful before signing yourself up with any wildlife removal company.


Always inquire about the technique they will use to catch the animal. Find out the device they will use (Non-spiked), also will they help the animal to reunite with their offspring or not? The entire process should be frequently monitored. If one fails to do so it may lead to inhumane treatment of animals. A humane technique like hands-on removal is always preferable.


Be sure that the company has at least a two million dollar business liability insurance policy and the employees are insurance covered by the Workers Safety Insurance Board. Further, the practices adopted by the company must be passed by the federal, state and local laws of the country. Verifying this will save you from personal liability.


Delineation of work that should always be on papers. In case the contract contains any sorts of the open-ended clause, then it must not be signed. Also, they must delineate the specifics of the guarantee. Make sure that the company carries at least a one year guarantee against re-entry. However, guarantees are as good as the company that offers them. If the company shuts down, the guarantee shall mean nothing.


Request a referral from your local wildlife rehabilitator or any animal control agency. These organization always tends to provide information on the humane techniques and legal stipulations governing wildlife removal. Also, a good wildlife control company will have wildlife operators who are skilled, trained, have the equipment and well-marked vehicles. They will keep proper brochures, business card, address, website, and phone number.

Lastly, keep these points in mind before you make a call to hire a wildlife control company. Don’t just kill the wild like that, they are too part of our lovely soul and environment. Taking proper measures will save your home as well as theirs.