A iciness excursion of New Zealand 1

After spending a quick time in New Zealand ultimate yr, something inside me yearned to return. I’d only visited the North Island, but I knew the South Island had many natural gems waiting for me to find out.

I’d already planned that the only way to see New Zealand is all its glory changed doing a monstrous street experience. Normally, a trip like this is better with others; however, I had no one to sign up for me then. That’s nothing new; generally, throughout my travels, I’ve usually made trips solo, meeting human beings in the manner to my destination. Yet this time, things grew to become a bit specific. I’d been speaking about my tentative travels to New Zealand with a newly discovered pal, Mitchie, from the Philippines. I put it obtainable and requested for her to enroll me.

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Our journey started after we employed a campervan through an organization called Mode Car and Camper Rentals from Auckland. Our snug camper became the catalyst for our trip. A -berth Toyota Estima blanketed all the camping and cooking systems we needed.

It was wintry weather in New Zealand, so warm clothes were essential. We made our journey immediately south, taking in all the perspectives. Despite being from North-East England, I was stunned that I gasped in exhilaration at the snow-capped peaks inside Tongariro National Park appearing in the distance. I’m no stranger to mountains and bloodless weather. However, this was breathtaking. We each had been shocked at how beautifully innocent they regarded out of nowhere.

If you’ve ever visible the film Lord of the Rings, Mount Tongariro is called ‘Mount Doom.’ The splendid views went on for miles as we continuously stopped for a higher perspective. Unfortunately, the climate prohibited us from hiking, and some roads were blocked off due to the weather. After all, it was wintertime in New Zealand.

Making a beeline immediately to Wellington, our primary purpose was to pressure the South Island on the tip of the North Island. We munched on all flavors of pies and a few feta spinach dips. Forget fish n chips or adobo; this becomes our kind of road experience delicacy.


Wellington, the cultural capital of New Zealand, becomes our subsequent forestall. With the most effective day to discover, we wandered across the metropolis, visited Te Papa Museum, strolled up Mount Victoria, and explored Cuba Street. We found Best Ugly Bagels, a takeaway shop with a quirky environment with an entire delicious array of bagels with different toppings.

After a single-day adventure on the ferry, we arrived in Picton on the South Island early morning, keen to hit the street. To our delight, a few friendly seals frolicked in the harbor before we sparked off, a perfect way to start our day.

Using pthe popular app – CCamperMateNZ, we discovered our home for the night, Maitai Valley Motor Camp, a terrific spread-out vicinity via the move, tucked away from them anywhere.
Our assignment by way of then changed to going to the famous Franz Josef Glacier. On entering Franz Josef National Park, we stumbled across something pretty remarkable. To the left, green bush nearly jungle-like, to the proper and behind Mount Cook’s peak. To pinnacle it off, a rainbow crossed between them both, making for a beautiful percentage. I referred to it as the Amazon and the Alps. As we stopped literally at the center of the street, passers-by weren’t impressed. We didn’t care; the view was too superb to bypass.

That night time, we arrived at a campsite. Mitchie made these first-rate spaghetti meatballs with crimson wine for dinner – even as backpackers had struggled with typical packet noodles. It changed into luxury dining out of a campervan!

The subsequent morning we arose early. We got to the point of Franz Josef Glacier’s stroll, and stale we went. No one else changed around as we’d planned. Although not anything too strenuous, we had the place to ourselves. Streams, tiny waterfalls, rocky paths, and wall-to-wall towering mountains precede the Franz Josef Peak.

Wanaka became subsequent on our listing and my favored area from the journey, but before that, we skilled winding roads, never-finishing lakes, and backdrops to die for as we ended up at Lake Hawea. With excessive snow-capped mountains in history, the cloud lining became beneath it. Add a lush blue river below in contrast to yellow grass banks, and the photos become pretty correct. The image speaks for itself:


Wanaka became a treat, and after reuniting with some of my pals, plenty of flat white coffees, lamb & mint pies, and multiple beers, we spent the night. The next morning, we wanted to arise for any other dawn and discovered a niche by a lake in a random neighborhood center. The sky becomes light claret crimson, and with the snow mountain backdrops, it becomes another extraordinary body to see.

After roaming around Wanaka, we decided to go to Christchurch at the manner lower back as much as the North Island. As you can realize, Christchurch is at risk of herbal disasters, and a devastating earthquake hit best ultimate 12 months. Still, the city becomes upbeat and exciting enough. By this time, we were keen for an awesome breakfast earlier than the adventure domestic and stumbled throughout an area called Bunsen Cafe.

Heading returned to Auckland after a manic 1tendays road trip, we had been eager for some consolation. In Queen Street’s center, we were given a condominium to rest in earlier than meeting some of my friends inside the metropolis later.