Blogger Week is a multicultural social media festival centered on imparting bloggers and virtual media professionals of color get entry to schooling, workshops, and different skill-constructing events. This 12 months, 25 Black digital media specialists will speak on the Blogger Week 2017 UnConference. Blogger Week is held in Washington, D.C. Every 12 months, drawing over 2 hundred bloggers from across u. S .. The unconference is hosted yearly by means of global blogger community, Black Bloggers Connect, an entity of Culture The Web.kerry Washington

Blogger Week starts with a chain of online occasions scheduled for Monday, August seventh thru Thursday, August 10th. In man or woman events are scheduled for Friday, August 11th thru Sunday, August 13th.unconference topics

The Blogger Week Networking Mixer can be held on Friday

August eleventh at Mulebone in downtown Washington, D.C. By using the Black Public Relations Society of D.C. The Blogger Week 2017 UnConference might be hung on Saturday, August twelfth at Trinity Washington University. The last Blogger Week event, an UnStructured Fashion Show by means of Celebrity Stylist Geneva and DJ DRex, can be hosted on the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown on Sunday, August thirteenth. A complete timetable of occasions is to be had at BloggerWeek.Com.unconference rules blogger home

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Black Bloggers Connect became based by way of Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor in 2011. Aiwuyor, a D.C. Based author and multicultural communications specialist, created the social network whilst earning her Master of Science in Public Relations on the prestigious S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Today, over 14,000 bloggers and digital media professionals get hold of assist and training from Black Bloggers to facilitate an unconference blogosphere definition

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How to Have a Focus for Bloggers


There is much stuff that is frustrating whilst you first attempt to blog. Coming up with ideas, locating time to do it are one of the top ones. Keeping the ardor going when matters get difficult and having your eyes constant on your cause is any other.

Whatever the case is probably, I desire you take running a blog severely due to the fact your lifestyles could be very precious and time is short.

The component that bloggers war lots is clearly having a force, so to mention, a focus. A focus of thoughts while considering running a blog in their days. Not simplest they get distracted, however in the course of the difficult times, throughout the night time, so to mention, basically, they’re having a difficult time in keeping it going, pushing it through the demanding situations. Basically while not having the drive no blogger can succeed. So where do you find this pressure so as to assist you clearly discover and to make time for running a blog itself?blogosphere search

The force to me comes from my first notion within the morning when I wake up with the idea of who can I assist nowadays. This is my force. I actually think about that hobby and I deliver this idea of assisting humans at some point of my day and I hope you’ll also do this together with your blogging activities because having this initial power to assist human beings in whatever manner you can’t handiest will make the mission of locating the time for running a blog and making the time for blogging easier, but it surely will help you produce a lot useful content material, so much helpful training for people which you genuinely may not be capable of preserve up with this.

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You become a concept device, as James Altucher says, so you have to no longer best locate your reason, your better calling so to mention, but additionally, find this internal drive to help humans. That’s what I want to you these days, and that’s what helped me in finding time for my blogging activities. That’s I believe might be relatively treasured to you too.

Don’t think about blogging as an interest, at the least on your thoughts. Act like an expert, commit to it regardless of what. Complete your responsibilities you have for each day regardless the way you sense about it.

You are probably worn-out or careworn out, however, know this: if you’re operating in your running a blog business with the aid of taking small steps each day, the day will come whilst you will face fulfillment. But for this to manifest you have to have pressure and laser-sharp awareness.

Gross National Happiness on the Balance Sheet?



Happiness is a tangible outcome!

Because of my dedication to high-quality humans control and engagement, I turned into heartened to discover that the UN conference on happiness and well being which started out in New York City on second April came to the realization that desirable overall performance on GNP (Gross National Product) failed to automatically mean that GNH (Gross National Happiness) multiplied at a similar rate.

Yes, surely, Gross National Happiness! For folks who continually idea soft abilities were the gentle option, then the advent of the dimension of Gross National Happiness would possibly mean they have to assume again.

The convention pronounced that even as the economic boom was crucial, 4 other factors were independent reasons for happiness. These are; network agree with; intellectual and physical fitness; quality of governance and ultimately rule of law.

The conference pointed to the premise which you and I realize only too well, that “money is not the foundation of all evil, it’s for the love of money which is”. Or in different phrases, whilst financial wealth is proper, it due to what it brings to our lives, not the objective.

The conference that’s a primary of its type can be an exceptionally crucial landmark inside the force to change the way we do commercial enterprise.

If you haven’t but heard of “The World Happiness Report”


By means of Jeffrey Sachs et al; upon which the summit referred to in their discussions, then you could want to get yourself a copy of this. The record makes the hyperlink among economic growth and the effect on happiness and wellness, that is speedy (it seems) turning into a measurable commodity.

The subject of the record centers on the premise that happiness is a derivative of growing wealth is now not sustainable. From a global perspective, in phrases of sustainable improvement, we want to pay attention to ending poverty, environmental sustainability, social inclusion and proper governance.

Most leaders recognize and understand that monetary reward isn’t generally pinnacle of the list to assist encourage personnel. The usual message from the convention and file is that the following elements are essential to people in the international of labor and as a size of happiness.

“Working hours, top possibilities for development, process security, interesting job, permits to work independently, lets in to help other human beings, and beneficial to society: A experience of ordinary reason for the activity, a diploma of autonomy in discharging it, and the competence to do the task – a right match among employee and activity. Allied to this human beings needs support and popularity for his or her efforts. In addition, extra non-public elements include mental and physical fitness, education and family revel in”.

As a people manager for many years, I usually knew thru enjoy that satisfied employees were productive employees. But it is extra than that. As people, if you smash down any motivation for any motion we take, it’s also to assist ourselves grow to be happier. We have an inner pressure in the direction of happiness and health. That is due to the fact happiness and well being are our herbal country.

While I suppose the convention is merely a starting, and it’s going to remain to be seen whether the situation of happiness is taken significantly or no longer with the aid of international leaders; as a minimum, it’s for a beginner. So at the side of me, watch this space!

Do you consider happiness is essential? What would possibly this recognition of happiness mean for leaders, managers and HR specialists within the destiny? What are your views? I’d love to listen to you.

Debunking Three Myths About George Washington

George Washington, our kingdom’s first president is one of the most distinguished figures in American history. For many Americans, he is called the “Father of our Nation” because he has become the finest American legend worried in the freedom and development of our united states of America in several approaches: navy hero, first president, a signer of the American Declaration of Independence, simply to call a few. What passed off to such men like Washington is that myths had been created that more desirable fame and honor. However, most myths come to be such tall tales they turn out to be exaggerations or lies. Such is the case with 3 of the most popular myths approximately Washington’s life.

1. The Cherry Tree: Young George Washington used his new hatchet and chopped down his father’s prized cherry tree. When his father found his tree were reduced down, he asked his son if he becomes the culprit. George stated that he did certainly chop it down and his father embraced him as an act of forgiveness. This tale is probably the maximum popular delusion approximately Washington, but it is a fantasy. This tale originated in a book written via a minister named Mason Locke Weems, or “Parson” Weems who turned into an American writer who wrote numerous biographies of historical figures. His most famous biography changed into The Life of Washington, written in 1800. Weems also wrote about different lesser-acknowledged myths about Washington. Most who read the ebook idea they had been absurd.

2. False Teeth Made of Wood: Washington’s false enamel have been now not made from timber.

Our first president seemed to be cursed with chronic troubles together with his enamel maximum of his existence. He wore dentures manufactured from human, and probably cow and horse enamel, ivory, lead-tin alloy, copper alloy (possibly brass), and silver alloy. So, it seems he wore pretty much every opportunity kind of detail that might be made into a tooth. At his home in Mount Vernon, site visitors can see a show of his closing set of dentures, apparently product of ivory. Interestingly, those dentures are the most prominently displayed objects there.

Three. The Silver Dollar Thrown Across the Potomac River: Did Washington throw a silver dollar across the Potomac River? The width of the river runs from 1,300 ft to eleven miles. It is humanly not possible to throw a coin from one aspect to another. Also, the colonial government did no longer mint silver “dollars” till 1794. Before that date, the Spanish dollar, or “Piece of Eight” had circulated in the original colonies. Besides Washington became 67 years old whilst he died in 1799. So he could have been a reasonably antique guy, at 63, while the primary dollar changed into launch.

Myths about well-known women and men are invented to make their lives seem more and greater exciting than they already are. Whether myths start as stories written in books or are created amongst drunken men in taverns, it is useless gossip. Washington was such a well-known American parent, growing myths did little to enhance the deeds that made him this sort of mythical American hero. These three myths unfold about him truly faded in assessment to his full-size listing of accomplishments.