Apple has announced it will be holding a special press event on March 21st. The event is invitation-only. The invitations for the event say “Let us loop you in.”

Apple Loop You In Press Event
The event is not a surprise. Apple is expected to unveil a new iPhone called the iPhone SE. They are also expected to unveil a new iPad. It is expected to be a smaller iPad Pro.

The Verge has put together an article about what to expect at the press event. Some other product announcements could be new Apple Watch bands. There could also be an iOS update. Most insiders don’t expect any new MacBook products to be announced. There is also not a lot of buzzes about any new product surprises.



A major issue that has been widely discussed is Apple’s battle with the FBI over encryption. The Justice department wants Apple to help the FBI crack the security on the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardo terrorists. However, Apple argues that cracking the security puts the privacy of all iPhone users at risk. It is not known if Apple will discuss the situation at the press event. Apple has its next hearing in the encryption case scheduled for March 22nd – the day after the press event – so the press conference certainly provides Apple with a good opportunity to discuss its ongoing privacy and security concerns with the media.