April Fool's Day 2016: Quality pranks by means of tech companies 1

means of tech companies

The day of the prankster is right here once more. Someday, inside the whole 12 months, every person has the license and innovative freedom to pull any prank they can on anyone and everyone and get away with it. You’ve got executed it, and we’ve got carried out it. However, some Satisfactory pranks of 2016 have come from very widely known tech businesses. And why shouldn’t they? After all, searching at how lots we depend on technology now, isn’t it the best device for sensible jokes?

Here are a number of the Exceptional tech pranks of 2016 April Idiot’s day to date –


The Internet’s massive has given us a number of the Exceptional April Idiot’s Pranks up to now, and how ought they fall in the back of this year? Their most talked-about prank this year is a brand new feature for Gmail called Gmail Mic Drop. It permits you to simultaneously respond to an electronic mail thread and mute it simultaneously, so you do not acquire any replies, even supposing they are despatched to you – an electronic mail equivalent of the ever-present conversation finishing Mic-drop. They even introduced that an explanatory GIF will robotically be covered on your message as soon as it’s sent. Lamentably, this prank sooner or later backfired on Google, with quite a few human beings complaining that they misplaced their jobs due to this selection, and it needed to be taken down in the long run.

Google additionally released a sequence of manifestly humorous product movies. One was a completely see via water-proof plastic Cardboard, which changed into a direction, not anything extra than outlines on a normal recording. Additionally, they launched Google Parachutes – a new shipping system from Google Explicit. And the Snapshots group also joined in by saying the ability to look for pix through emojis.


In accord with the developing interest in the Internet of things, Samsung has issued a press launch for a ‘net of Trousers’ Fashion variety, which highlights a couple of shrewd trousers that have several exciting functions like “Wi-Fly,” that can alert the person if their fly is unzipped for greater than three minutes. It may also remind you to get up greater often and screen your coronary heart to remind you to keep your cool. And if the waistline feels too stretched, the trouser will alert your fridge to lock itself, and It can only be opened by an authorized man or woman near you. Now that could be a few clever pants.

Some other imaginative and hilarious piece of “prank” tech was introduced utilizing YouTube as Snoopavision. After months of improvement through the YouTube group collaborating with Snoop Dogg, Snoopavision now lets you watch any video in 360. All you want to do is click the Snoop Dogg-like icon at the bottom of any video to be able to take you to the Snoopavision beta web page. Of course, all to sincerely do is redirect you to the page until you understand it’s a funny story. And, with Snoop Dogg in the video, you must have seen that coming from miles away!

The messaging app released an update a day before April 1st, bringing the feature to ship a scent to your messages. The blanketed characteristic tells you that there are numerous preloaded scents to send and that you may even send a custom sent via your telephone’s sensors. The how-it-works segment explains the mechanism in an element using a lot of (truely absurd) technical jargon. It’d just have been pretty convincing for the non-tech-savvy!

The cab-hailing service takes on-demand convenience, consolation, and customer service to one level. It is similar to its newly announced Ola Rooms carrier, where you may open the Ola app and book a cellular room near what is close to you. The cell room is nothing, however, a cab with room-like interiors, with the driving force himself as you, the front table supervisor, housekeeping, and plenty extra. It additionally has interesting functions, just like fragrance manipulation. Just like the concept? As Ola says, sleep on it! (And probably awaken on a day when everyone isn’t always out to prank you!)