Armored vehicles have been working for over 100 years to protect those most vulnerable to attack. Military vehicles have seen the most application of armored cars since the beginning of the 20th century. Since World War I, transporting valuables using armored vehicles has been practiced when crime peaked, and the world’s wealth needed protection from organized crime. Armored cars are critical for modern scenarios and are in service worldwide – from armored police, military, SWAT, cash-in-transit, sedans, and SUVs.

When defense services like armies, police, SWAT units, and high-profile personnel like politicians and celebrities are looking for armored vehicles, they are looking for the safest, highest quality available.


Cash-In-Transit vehicles with police officers wouldn’t be able to protect us if they weren’t protected themselves by armored cars. SWAT teams engage in unforeseeable dangerous situations – high-risk warrants, hostage rescue, armed interventions, terrorism prevention, and dealing with heavily-armed criminals. It would help if you had armored vehicles to protect yourself against attackers – bulletproof and strong enough to withstand aggressive assault. Armored car options include rapid deployment vehicles, buses, command centers, prisoner transport vehicles, troop trucks, and more.

Cash Transit vehicle robberies are one of the most common crimes committed worldwide. Police personnel on duty are often hurt or killed. The stolen money is eventually used to fund organized crime. It is important to provide yourself with specially equipped vehicles to resist attempts at robbery or hijacking.

National ambassadors, politicians, and celebrities can be targets for many reasons. So, even if their stay is limited or business-related, they must be provided with armored transport. Armored sedans and SUVs with bulletproof layers are inserted underneath the car’s outer skin. So, they act as extremely efficient vehicles, making them look like any other vehicle on the road by inconspicuously providing armored protection.

Armored vehicles include Chrysler-Dodge 300M, BMW 750Li, Ford Excursion, and GM Escalade. Ford, Gm, and Chrysler manufacture vehicles specific to police, military, SWAT, and cash-in-transit. They also manufacture customized cars to suit your needs.


Whether you need a fleet of armored vehicles for your cash transit or an Aston Martin DB9 for special appearances, hire one from a company that ensures the highest level of armored protection in cars manufactured by companies that you would trust.