Armored Cars Vs Armor Piercing Rounds 1

There are certain fundamental things that every celebrity or VIP is entitled to since their recognition earns them certain respect and, at the same time, certain criticism from the public. There are instances when there is not much physical security offered to them, and as a result, certain measures need to be taken. The first step could be their cars and means of transport, so armored vehicles are important.

Armored cars have proven to be one of the most reliable conveyance tools, and this is because of their excellent shielding and protection capabilities. There is a price range for these cars, and although all of them are considerably high priced, these are bulletproof and can take in any gunshots, and the windows of the roofs also provide a platform for covering most of the bullet shots. Most of these vehicles are tested, and they ensure they are proof checked before being sent in. For example, most of these armored cars can sustain a full blow of grenades. Therefore, the idea of being protected from any physical danger falls into place with armored vehicles.

Armored Cars Vs Armor Piercing RoundsAs much as the features help make the car credible enough, there are times when these must be carefully serviced. Therefore, a team of very skilled and professional technicians makes sure that they do their best to ensure the car can sustain almost all kinds of blows. Illustrating something as simple as fixing windows of mainstream cars, the art of making these windows that are now nearly five times more powerful and still look like a normal car window is an achievement, and such technical workers can only do this. Therefore, the credit lies with the companies involved in armored cars and how well they have branded themselves.


Immense detailing goes into understanding how much something should be put. In this case, the intensity of protection is measured, and how well could one be one of the strongest qualities of these armored cars? Following that, one of the most important industries is America and Europe. These two nations maintain one of the highest armored car standards and ensure their levels are I-IIA-II-II-A-II-IV-IV+. These are measures that can define the ballistics.

The focus is also on how detailed the windows and other car parts are; there are intricate details such as airbags, excess gas coming from certain accidents caused, etc. Therefore, these systems are positively installed in these cars, ensuring they are not just protected from the outside but also function well from the inside. With as many advantages as these cars have, the only drawback is the exorbitantly priced vehicles that are the final product that come out of these brilliant industries.

The only company that can remark on this is Execarmor, providing excellent services to their customer’s doorstep.