Armored Trucks: 5 Things You Didn't Know 1

Whether you own an armored truck, travel in one, or love the concept behind these marvelous vehicles, you can be sure there is always more to learn about them. While this sounds scary, you would have to travel in an armored vehicle because your life is being threatened, and this vehicle is your only shield when you are moving from one place to another. Listed below are five things you probably did not know about armored vehicles-

Armored Trucks

  1. Armored truck officers have the second-highest death rate in security- those who are charged with your safety within the car. This includes the driver and those who ride in the back with you. While their task is hazardous, it is not as bad as the unexpectedly dangerous position of being a nightclub security guard.
  2. Armored trucks can function on deflated tires- armored trucks are large and heavy vehicles built to be defensive and not offensive. This means that an armored truck cannot shoot bullets at the enemy when under attack. Instead, it is more than capable of fleeing from fire fast. The armored truck’s structure is such that it is coated in plates of steel that can deflect bullets. Even if the tires are shot out, they are still capable of taking the car to a secure location because of the plastic liners within
  3. Armored trucks can weigh over 55,000 pounds- armored trucks are usually used to transport important material from one place to another. When these trucks have to transport large amounts of money in the form of coins, you will be shocked to know that when they are full, they can weigh over 27 tons as a whole
  4. The first armored trucks were converted school buses- in the 1920s, a company named Brinks converted retired school buses into armored trucks by covering the windows with bars and placing steel plates on the buses’ lower panels. To strengthen the security of these trucks, a Ford Model T-tail was put on the car, which had machine-gun-wielding guards
  5. 9/11 affected armored truck designs- the terrorist attack infamously termed the 9/11 attack opened the eyes of leaders in the industry to the possibility of danger from bombs and fuel tanks. Therefore, armored trucks have not been redesigned to include features such as a bomb detector and a feature that allows the fuel tank to be rendered useless from a remote location. The sense of danger from 9/11 also led the industry to start manufacturing armored vehicles specifically suited for private citizens.

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