ASUS India eyes 50 per cent market share in gaming laptops by way of next 12 months 1

ASUS India eyes 50 per cent market

The Taiwan-based generation, most important ASUS India, said on Friday it’s miles eyeing to capture 50 consistent cent share of India’s gaming laptops marketplace by way of subsequent yr.

“We have about 30 consistent with cent market share of gaming laptops in India. With continued focus within the phase, we aim to gain 50 in keeping with cent proportion of it with the aid of the following yr. In the gaming computer systems segment, we are the most important player,” said the company’s Nearby Head (South Asia) and United States Manager (Machine Enterprise Institution) Peter Chang.

He said that the Laptop market’s growth has been flat because smartphones are eating into it, and the gaming segment of computers is destiny.

In India, the gaming Computer market consisting of laptops and computer systems is growing by 30, consistent with cent year-on-year. The proportion of gaming computer systems is less compared to that of laptops.


“In India, approximately 2,000-3,000 devices of gaming laptops are bought in a month,” Chang stated.

After starting its first-ever extraordinary ‘Republic of Gamers’ store within the city, it’ll open its 2d exceptional shop in Bhubaneswar in the subsequent week. “We plan to open five special gaming stores inclusive of Kolkata and Bhubaneswar shops and 200 gaming-targeted shops this 12 months,” stated Chang.

The organization sells 20,000 laptops a month and lakh devices of clever phones month-to-month. “We intend to increase laptops’ sales to 30,000 gadgets a month and to double the discern from lakhs to 4 lakhs for smart telephones in twelve months,” he stated.