Bangladesh arrests militant suspect in U.S. Blogger homicide 1

DHAKA (Reuters) – Bangladesh police stated on Saturday they had arrested an Islamist militant about the 2015 killing of a U.S. Blogger crucial of nonsecular extremism.
Deputy police commissioner Masudur Rahman stated the person, identified as Arafat Rahman, 24, a member of al Qaeda-inspired militant group Ansar Ullah Bangla Team, become suspected of taking part in the killing of writer Avijit Roy.

Roy, a U.S. Citizen of Bangladeshi origin, became hacked to death with the aid of machete-wielding assailants in February 2015, even as returning home together with his spouse from a Dhaka ebook honest. Roy’s widow, Rafida Ahmed, become critically injured.

Police official Rahman stated the detainee, who became identified after studying CCTV footage, became arrested through the counter-terrorism police unit on the outskirts of the capital, Dhaka, on Friday night.


“In the primary interrogation, he confessed his involvement in the killing of 4 other secular activists,” he informed Reuters.

It turned into now not possible to touch the detainee to comment as he becomes in police custody.

Muslim-majority Bangladesh of 160 million people has had a string of deadly assaults focused on bloggers, foreigners, and religious minorities.

The maximum serious recent assault got here in July 2016, when shooters stormed a restaurant within Dhaka’s diplomatic area and killed 22 people, maximum of them foreigners.

Police say the Ansar Ullah Bangla Team militant organization is at the back of the murders of greater than a dozen secular bloggers and gay rights activists. They believe a sacked military, most important, who’s nevertheless at massive, became the organization’s chief and masterminded the killings.

Al Qaeda and Islamic State have also claimed duty for a sequence of killings over the past few years, along with that of Roy.


The government has denied the presence of such organizations, blaming home militants rather. But protection professionals say the dimensions and sophistication of the cafe assault advised hyperlinks to a much broader network.

Police and military commandos have killed extra than 60 suspected militants and arrested loads because of the cafe assault.

The One Question Every Blogger Should Ask Themselves

At my 9-5, I even have recurring approach meetings with my boss. We speak such things as productivity and effectiveness of our staffs. Last month we had an exciting communication. That conversation crossed over into my blogging undertaking and made me recognize there’s clearly one query every blogger has to ask themselves when working on their blogs. Let me percentage this story with you first.

My Strategy Meeting

I met with my boss to talk about the standard metrics. Productivity seemed to be down a chunk. First, let me say that numbers are a big issue in my profession. I am a Certified Forensic Interviewer, and the variety of interrogations/interviews I do every month immediately correlates to closing investigations.


Not murder or robberies, but personal quarter retail robbery. Embezzlement, credit card fraud, counterfeit money…Etc. 4500 human beings in our respective market aren’t stealing is naive and is NEVER a suitable answer. There is continually somebody stealing. Something. So the belief, as an alternative the requirement is that research is being conducted someplace across the united states at all times.

Last month, I closed out a large variety of investigations, so I was quite assured of my productiveness. And then it got here, my boss asks me…” Lisa, sure you are efficient; however, what I remember of greater significance is, are you powerful? Tell me how you’ve got been effective at some stage in the district.”

Obviously, I sat lower back for a moment to take into account this. It turned into a wonderfully applicable question and has, due to fact, made me take a distinct method to maximize things I do. Oh, and I did supply him an answer…I defined that I assisted numerous investigators in remaining their cases and taught them some new investigating strategies. Obviously, there was extra to it, but I didn’t want you to suppose I had no comeback for him!

Effectiveness And Productivity

Effectiveness And Productivity

So, in your running a blog undertaking, are you effective or effective? While we need to be each to obtain achievement, we want to ensure that what we are producing or working on is effective. For example, we speak about the hyperlink building. Are you constructing powerful links in your weblog?

Are you searching out well-matched blogs and commenting? Guest posting? Writing articles and filing to the proper websites? Engaging in social media? See, you could touch upon one hundred specific blogs. However, if your niche is vehicle mufflers, and you are commenting on candle blogs, you aren’t powerful in your marketing campaign. Yes, I realize for herbal hyperlink building, you in all likelihood need to have some hyperlinks scattered around special sites, but I think you get my float.

We are effective ordinary on our blogs. We write content, and we optimize, we post, we tweak…It all. When I first started, I wrote normally. I considered myself productive and became thrilled with myself.

When the truth of building a hit weblog set in, I realized that what I was doing changed into no longer a powerful approach. I was not getting results. And now that big boss man asked me that query, and I know even extra so that what I produce, what I do for my blog desires to bring on the preferred consequences with the aid of being effective.

Tips For Effectiveness

Remember, you do all these items every day, now tweak what you need to ensure the most ROI. I located a first-rate useful resource outlining 10 steps to effective advertising and marketing online. Originally a full white paper, the above link will provide you with a condensed version of these tips. You can follow every any such hints on your blog.

One tip I can give you properly now could be this: if you do all this difficult work and conceal behind your pc without interacting with the community, you’re useless in your undertaking. You will no longer acquire the effects you’re searching out. Engage your weblog community and have daily interaction with them via Twitter, comments, Facebook, or Serpd…Something you pick.