Pop up banners, commonly known as roll up banners, pull up stands, etc. is the greatest tool at your disposal for promoting your business. It leaves a long-lasting impact on the minds of people. A few other benefits are mentioned below.

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  1. Easy to assemble

Pop up banners are extremely easy to handle and assemble. You simply pop the stands, and you are ready to roll. They generally employ a retractable system, wherein you pull your banner from the base and slot a telescopic pole into place. The pole and base make the banner sturdy.

  1. Durability

Pop up banners have proven to be extremely durable. It is designed such that its print stays on for long. The base of the banner is also very strong and provides additional support to it. The frames of most pop up stands are some form of aluminum meaning it is both lights for transportation and strong and sturdy when on display.

  1. Easy to store

Such banners are easy to store and don’t take up much space in your home or office. Both the banner and the pole fold into the base, making it compact. It also makes it extremely convenient to carry.

  1. Portable

The pop up banner stands as mentioned earlier are compact and light which makes them perfect for transporting. This is especially important if you have frequent meetings and events outside your office. Many firms supply free carry bags with all banner stands which all the more facilitates the process.

  1. Little space required

Whether it’s in your shop or at a trade exhibition, area is money, and you won’t want banner stands that take up too much floor space. Floor space should be used to maximize sales of your product or service with banner stands, leaflets, flyers and any other promotional materials used to support this sales drive. Pop up banners are narrow and high so will give you a significant impact without taking up much floor space.

  1. Take your message on the road

Due to its light weight and small size, it becomes effortless to carry pop up banners. This helps in promoting your business at a conference, an exhibition or a talk show. Pop up banners allows your product to stand out from the crowd. It also helps increase brand awareness.

  1. Longevity

This is considered to be one of the most important factors. Unlike other sources of promoting your business such as ads on television, newspaper, radio and even flyers which have a short shelf life, pop up banners can be used over and over again. Once printed it can be used anywhere to convey that message. If appropriately preserved a pop-up banner can last for years. This would help you save money as against posting ads on different mediums. It is often worth investing in a branded generic pop up stand that promotes who you are and also shows your website and other contact details.

Numerous are the advantages of using pop banners to promote your business. Many companies provide such services these days. They also give some sort of warranty. You might find one for yourself.