Carpets tend to get dirty once in a while, and dirty carpets are very hazardous for your health. If you happen to have a kid or a pet, then there must be spills on your carpets too, and that looks bad when a guest comes in to your house. Therefore, it is really very important to clean the carpets every once in a while. Now, professional carpet cleaning companies has a lot of ways that they use to clean the carpet of all the dust, grimes and stains. It is important that you know about some of them, so that when you hire a professional carpet cleaning company, you can ask them to do the cleaning that suits your requirement the best. In this article, we will overview some of the best methods in professional carpet cleaning, that is offered by most of the carpet cleaning services.

Steam Cleaning-: Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is maybe the most common method that is taken by the professional carpet cleaning companies to clean carpets. The process is easy, but the problem it is that it has a long drying time, and also requires expensive equipment’s to do this process. Firstly, a steam of hot water is injected in to the carpet deep down using high pressure environment, and after 10-15 minutes the extraction process is started using a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner takes out the hot water will all the grimes and dirt from the carpet. The advantage is that, the cleaning is deep, and it actually takes out a lot of dust. This process also allows the use of various cleansing chemicals, which makes the process more lengthy but effective.

Dry Cleaning-: Now, dry cleaning is also a very famous type of cleaning, and it uses several cleaning solutions to extract the dirt out of the carpet. Actually, there are mainly two types of dry cleaning, that professional carpet cleaners generally use.

  • Dry Compound-: Dry compound is basically a very easy process and anyone can do it by themselves also. What it includes is, a powder mixed with all the solvents is spread over the carpet. A machine brushes the carpet through, and absorbs the dirt into it. After some time, about 10-15 minutes, a vacuum is used to take the mixture out which will also take out the grime and the dirt out with it. Now, the advantage of this method is that, it is very easy and can be carried out at home also, but the disadvantage is that, it cannot be used for carpets which have deep down grimes and dirt.
  • Dry Foam-: It is perhaps similar to dry cleaning, but the application of the detergent in to the carpet is a bit different. Here, a shampoo is first applied to the carpet, so that it holds the dirt together. After a few moments, a vacuum is treated on to the carpet, which takes out the shampoo with all the dirt which has been suspended by the shampoo. It is easy, and the process is also very quick, but the downside of this cleaning procedure is that it cannot clean the dirt which are under the carpet surface

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