Cooking at a festival on a budget sounds like work, but it’s entirely worthwhile – and fun.

Over the route of five days at Glastonbury festival, you could turn out to be spending £one hundred or greater on foods and drinks on my own. Who could need to cough up £eight for some pasta or a mediocre falafel? No thanks. Whilst it’s all well and top to indulge in the road food on provide, what if you can’t have the funds for to eat out for each meal?

Cooking at a competition on a budget sounds like work, but it’s absolutely profitable – and dare I say, greater fun. A lull throughout the road-up is an incredible opportunity to knock up a delectable meal that won’t threaten your financial institution stability.

Unfold the price of cooking among a group of pals and it won’t be too pricey. You can buy a small transportable tenting range online for beneath £10. Bring a spare canister of gas, a frying pan, a small chopping board, a few plastic cutlery (steel knives are regularly banned), a timber spoon and a few sturdy picnic plates and cups. Some washing up liquid and a tea towel are useful, too.
Forget about the fridge

Convey elements that don’t need refrigerating: cured meats like chorizo (the drier type, no longer fresh) and tinned tomatoes (preferably with a hoop pull) are an absolute saviour. Coconut milk is fab for a quick curry made with packets of tofu sold from the shelf and an excellent curry paste. p.c. these with veg consisting of broccoli or kale with a purpose to survive the experience and don’t require lengthy cooking. (Kale may be the hipster’s satisfactory pal nowadays but it could nonetheless be bought cheap.)
top eggs

Eggs are exceptional fee for cash, a stable protein source, and they go along with whatever. Pre-boiled ones are excellent for brief snacks and salads, and they are specifically super whilst cooked in a frying pan with a sauce for brunch (see my recipe underneath). Percent cautiously, and convey plenty.

Hangover remedy

Bananas are important for festival hangovers as they’ll help fill up the potassium that is depleted after drinking plenty of alcohol. Bananas can even hold your blood sugar up and will assist you manipulate hunger pangs. Add honey and flaxseed and a little coconut milk for an impromptu competition smoothie bowl. I love to add nuts and seeds. Strive Instagram in case you’re searching out inspiration, and go as pretty or as glamorous as you want.
Other essentials



Don’t neglect your cooking oil and salt – life tastes so much better with them. Also bring pepper, if you want it, and spices will carry your breakfast eggs speedy. Spices are a splendid and cheaper way of creating meals taste higher. Spanish paprika and cumin are spices that I couldn’t be without.
Take hold of a few granola

Deliver a big tub of granola and fruit and blend them with coconut milk for an easy meal. They flavor brilliant, they don’t need refrigerating and they fill you up, too.
Scouting for meals

A few galas have stricter policies on meals than others, so buying meals on-web page is unavoidable at some activities. if you do fancy forking out on the stalls, see who’s doing the high-quality food by using checking in on Instagram. you may try this by means of clicking through the pageant hashtag or the pageant location. This is a good manner to look what’s on offer before committing to spending your money – mainly if it’s an absolutely large festival.
My favored pageant recipe: brunch eggs with chorizo

A pageant brunch will assist you to ease into the day lightly, in preference to trekking into the main grounds hungry, having to enroll in a long queue, and parting with lots of cash. Eggs are low-cost, and a tin of tomatoes is right value and filled with vitamin c. including a little chorizo offers your brunch that bass oomph that your competition morning wishes.