While community health care clinics are focused on federal cutbacks, Blue Ridge Health is increasing services in Haywood County.

In June 2016, the Good Samaritan Clinic, which had long served the uninsured population in Haywood, merged with Blue Ridge Health. The nonprofit healthcare took over the scientific facet of the Good Samaritan operation. Simultaneously, the wrap-around services of assisting sufferers’ paintings via the obstacles to health care remained with Good Samaritan.

Since that time, Blue Ridge Health has grown appreciably — a lot so that new office area changed into needed.

Blue Ridge Health

The practice is now positioned at 490 Hospital Drive in Clyde. It has 5 vendors, including Dr. Jessica Pior, the exercise’s first complete-scope circle of relatives medicine issuer who can provide pediatric and pregnancy care.

“With the assistance of the network, we’ve had a strong begin in Haywood County in our first yr,” said Dr. Richard Hudspeth, a leader government officer, and chief medical officer for BRH. “We are pleased to pass into this new area. We’re positive it’s going to assist us in preserving to make bigger our impact and help improve the fitness of Haywood County.”


Lee Homan is the advertising and development coordinator for Blue Ridge Health, which offers services in 17 places in western North Carolina.

Homan stated network health centers have traditionally enjoyed bipartisan support in Congress, largely because they’re cost-effective to supply healthcare services. However, 70percentof the federal guide for federally certified healthcare facilities is now on the slicing block.

While this type of cut would be tough, Homan stated just 25 percent of the center’s investment comes from the government.

“It received’t result in us last our doors,” Homan said, “however it isn’t insignificant. We’re now not a loose medical institution. We do receive insurance and price on a sliding scale. If a patient is unable to pay, we nevertheless offer service, but a patient shouldn’t be surprised to acquire a bill.”

Besides, Homan stated the company, as a 501c3 nonprofit, received private donations and offers.

“For folks that wouldn’t in any other case be capable of manage to pay for healthcare, we’re massively much less expensive,” he introduced.

New space

For years, the Good Samaritan Clinic was placed at 34 Sims Circle in Waynesville. When the sanatorium merged with Blue Ridge Health, the website online becomes adequate for a time. But the short-paced boom demanded a bigger area, and the brand new area includes 11 exam rooms, lab, procedure room, behavioral health counseling room, and a spacious ready room.

“We are thrilled as a way to serve our patients in this awesome new space,” said Donda Bennett, exercise manager. “It has been exciting to look at the increase in our exercise because it is joining Blue Ridge Health. “Over the past 12 months, we have seen our ability to serve the network keep growing drastically. We’re welcoming more new patients than ever, and we encourage everybody in search of outstanding primary care to offer us a name.”

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Over the beyond 17 months, Blue Ridge Health has multiplied get right of entry to lower-priced, complete health offerings, including family medicine, pediatrics, being pregnant care, behavioral health, and nutrients services, for citizens of Haywood and surrounding counties.