Burst Fade Haircuts All Men Want to Copy 1


Burt fade haircuts were common and trending haircuts in 2018. When looked at different angles, this haircut appears like a drop fade. However, this is not the case. In drop fade, the taper is low and follows the hairline entirely.

Burst Fade Haircuts

Just like any other undercut or fade, burst fade haircuts can be included in any man’s haircut, whether long or short. The fade is usually matched with a wide Mohawk but looks great on any elongated hair at the top of your head. Check out the following ideas to inspire you in your next burst fade hairstyle.

1. Burst Fade Pompadour

All of the different kinds of fades look great on all hair types, including white and black. Here we have this burst highlighted with a high-volume pump. Pompadour normally has a low, middle, high, but this fade in the burst haircut is a great choice to give you extra length at the crown, so your hair sticks up and has enough length to lie flat.

2. Fade Mohawk

We know that most Mohawks have a narrow width. However, this wide Mohawk defies that norm and has elongated hair on the crown with a long fade on the two sides. It looks classy and cool. The enhanced volume at the crown and close-cropped hard sides are flattery for all men.

3. Fade With Hard Part

While the burst fade is common in haircuts for blackfellas, it also rocks brown guys and any man who likes this haircut. This side part haircut incorporates a taper at the ears instead of common low, middle, or high fade. The top hair has an enhanced volume and texture.

4. Burst Fade Taper

Here we have another cool burst haircut that maintains the back and sides short while letting the natural texture pop at the top. This mid-length haircut is rocked with loose curly hair for a beautiful tousled appearance. The burst matched with the hair design near the neckline is varying aspects that make this haircut unique.

5. The Men’s Mohawk

This is merely an understated version of burst fade Mohawk. It is also called the south of France haircut. Resembling the Usher’s formal signature appeal, this short gentleman’s haircut features a significant fade and nappy waves. It is a haircut you should try before the end of this year.

6. Flat Top + Cute Fade

This fade exists in varying sizes and shapes and usually incorporates the temp. Instead of styling a high fade at the top, the top is maintained flat with a burst fade and long hair at the back.

7. The Burst Fade

The burst haircut transforms the hairline at both sides around your ear. You can wear it close to the ear or opt for a significant burst. Whichever way you choose to wear it, it will appear ridiculously flattering.