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Philadelphia is best known for playing a big role in U.S. history. It hosted the Founding Fathers during the American Revolution and is the location for signing the Declaration of Independence in 1776. But the city offers more than being a place rich in history.

As the largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Philly, its nickname, is also home to the world’s leading universities and colleges. The city is also the center of economic activity in Pennsylvania, housing the headquarters of several big businesses; if you are heading to Philly, whether for vacation or work, check out these recommendations.

Business in the City

The Bureau of Economic Analysis named Philadelphia the eighth-largest metropolitan economy in the U.S. Healthcare, oil refining, food processing, and information technology companies call the city home. The financial services sector contains most of the companies based in the city. Philly was also named one of the growing biotechnology hubs in the country.

Given how the city is home to various Fortune 100 companies, it is one of the most common destinations for business travelers. However, business travelers can find comfort that the city offers many establishments and spots to unwind and relax.

Work-Life Balance

Philly is not all about work. The city offers a great combination of work and play. It has a wide range of after-work destinations that could let you unwind after a long day of meetings.

The city is bustling with restaurants offering their unique taste. Reading Terminal Market is the destination for those looking for a place with a wide range of food. The location is home to the nonprofit Fair Food Philly’s market stand, a vendor that sells gourmet corn dogs, and a beer hall. If you are a donut lover, you should head to Federal Donuts. The donut shop, part of the CookNSolo Restaurants, is popular for its donuts that come in unexpected flavors. Aside from sweets, the place is known for its Chicken Sandwich, a twice-fried boneless chicken breast sandwich with American cheese, dill pickles, and Federal Donut’s Spicy Rooster Sauce.

Those who enjoy arts and sciences will also find the city an interesting place to explore. Philadelphia is home to the Franklin Institute Science Museum. This museum is home to the largest collection of artifacts from the Wright brothers’ workshop, credited as the first to build a flying airplane. Located on Franklin Parkway, the Barnes Foundation is a museum that caters to lovers of art and horticulture. The foundation maintains more than 4,000 artifacts, including paintings, and is estimated to be worth around 25 billion U.S. dollars.

Hotels for Business and Pleasure

This is the perfect accommodation for you in the city, whether for work or play. The Bellevue Hotel is one of the best hotels in downtown Philadelphia. Bellevue is located at 200 S Broad Street and uses the historic Bellevue-Stratford building. Its location is also ideal for business and play, as it is in the heart of the city’s theater district and within reach of several corporate headquarters.

This luxury hotel offers its guests a wide variety of services and amenities. It houses a salon, a spa facility, and several facilities for sporty guests. It also has a variety of restaurants to choose from. The Palm Restaurant has operated since 1926 and offers its unique take on steaks and lobsters. Bellevue is also home to restaurants Nineteen and Tavern on Broad and a Starbucks Coffee shop.