Desktop App for WordPress

I use WordPress for the maximum of my paintings. Whether I’m constructing WordPress web sites for clients or writing weblog posts and developing content for my very own sites. The whole thing I do tends to contain WordPress. But, I don’t like constantly having to do matters in the browser. Agree with me; I’ve enough tabs open as it is. That’s why I used to be excited to listen about Calypso, WordPress’ Laptop app for writing and enhancing weblog posts. I’ve been looking for a separate Laptop app for a long term, so I decided to try it out.

Are You Coping with More than one WordPress site?

Calypso is ideal for you! All you want to do is download the Computer apps from WordPress. Com and enable management from the dashboard of each site (or Jetpack for self-hosted web sites). Then, you may edit posts as wished, updating them with new content material. You can additionally create new posts. You may go to the icon of your profile and move all the way down to the bottom right segment where it says to feature a WordPress web site. Consider no longer having to log in and out of each WordPress website online you very own. You can sincerely log into the Calypso interface and make a website active for adding or editing posts.

Working with Multiple Bills in Calypso

After you’ve entered the credentials for all of your sites, you can click on ‘My sites’ within the pinnacle left nook of the app, and you’ll see a stats’ web page for the maximum latest web site selected. You’ll see statistics about the range of visits you’ve received, where they’re from and their search terms, and what posts and pages they have visited. You’ll also see the pinnacle referring websites, which can be sending site visitors for your website.

In the bar graph, the most current day is highlighted in orange, but you could click on any of the other bars to look at that date’s stats. That is extremely available if you noticed a spike in visitors on a selected day and want to research the foundation.

To switch to a one-of-a-kind website, click the lower back arrow. This is classified as ‘Transfer sites’ in the pinnacle left part of the app.

Running with Posts and Pages in Calypso

For any of the websites you control, you can view, edit and create new posts and pages. In the example, I clicked on the weblog posts menu, and it indicates a list of posts and their featured photographs. From here, you may click edit to edit posts, adding greater content, or you could click the trash icon to delete them. I love approximately Calypso because it offers you stats on how many perspectives each of your posts has received, one after the other.

Calypso statistics

One stand out feature I like is that whilst you click on stats underneath every put up, it breaks down views of that submit through person-days. This is an excellent manner to peer how exceptional posts are doing for your web site.

When you’re searching at your typical stats for a selected website online, it’ll also provide you with greater certain facts. If you click on the insights tabs, it’s going to show you your maximum famous put up day and time, in addition to what percentage of perspectives it has. It’s going to additionally display who’s following your web page and current commenters.

Popularity Updates

If something is taking place on certainly one of your WordPress sites, you can see it and manage all of it from one interface. For instance, if you see an unusual spike in traffic, it’s going to say that your website’s online stats are booming. It’s going to mention any current feedback left on your website online additionally. This makes it smooth to control, preserving more than one website and severa remarks throughout the board.


One downside that I will see with the WordPress.Com Calypso app is that you could’t manage plugins for each web page until you install Jetpack manipulate. Relying on how your theme is constructed, Jetpack can motive conflicts together with your website online from time to time. This is simplest in remoted situations, even though. I nonetheless don’t like the idea of including another plugin to my site to permit Handling capability in a Computer app.