I have examined many boards that many humans had bad enjoyed of their web sites are being hacked. I’m hoping this could by no means show up to you; however, it’s higher to be cautious than being sorry. One in every of many approaches to maintain your WordPress weblog or internet site relaxed. To do this, you can trade your Admin user name for your database. Why could we do that? Due to the fact maximum of the hackers know that WordPress gives us “Admin” as our user name login through default.


1. The first step

Go to the proper database with which you set up your WordPress internet site or blog with.

2. Step two

Locate wp_users desk in that database, and click on “browse,” the very left icon. While you hover it, it says browse.

3. Step three

Go to the “user_login” tab and discover “admin” as your user name. Click on the pencil icon to edit it.

4. Step 4

After the pencil icon is clicked, you will locate “user_login” in a row, replace “admin” with a precise and no longer-easy to wager user name. (this particular user name has to don’t forget to be capable of login in for your dashboard, later on, so please try to recollect it or write it down).


5. Step five

Click on “move” and log off or near your phpMyAdmin window. To login to your dashboard, enter your new login user name that has been made, and input the password, which is still the same password. We have not changed the password to change your password; you can do it without problems in your admin dashboard. I am hoping this could be beneficial.