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Cloud Technologies and NuoDB

Cloud computing is an effective way for companies to store, process, and organize data accessed through the Internet. With millions of applications available in the modern world, demand for data that is easily accessed through the Internet has never been greater. Cloud computing empowers modern applications w more robust functionality by allowing data to be accessed across multiple devices, enabling information to be processed from a centralized location, and preventing users from having to manually download routine updates.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Software that is accessed from the cloud enables rapid scalability because the resources used by a cloud application can be pooled across thousands of servers. If a client needs to run dozens of instances of some cloud-based software, this can be done at almost no cost since the centralized facility will have the infrastructure available to support instant scalability. Cloud computing means information can be accessed from anywhere in the world from any device. Users do not, therefore, have to worry about backing up their data or remembering to bring a specific device when going on a trip.

Centralized Data Processing

When data is stored in the cloud, additional processing can be done on that data from the centralized facility in which it is stored. The cost of resources, such as processing and storage, is significantly lower in centralized facilities than with ordinary desktops or smartphones. Consequently, applications that utilize cloud resources can be much more powerful than applications that utilize only the hardware in a conventional device. The centralized nature of cloud computing can even enable applications to eliminate redundant processes that would ordinarily be present across multiple users, and this can lead to significant performance improvements.

Cloud Storage

Although cloud services are primarily accessed by applications through programmatic means, cloud services are available that enable users to store files and access a remote workstation. Cloud storage services enable users to upload files to a cloud server to save space, protect work, and allow files to be accessed from anywhere in the world. For users who are concerned about losing their data, cloud storage services can be set to automatically upload specific folders or files to the cloud on a routine basis. Users who need to store a significant amount of data can also take advantage of the lower infrastructure costs associated with cloud resources to reduce the cost of bulk data storage.

Problems with Traditional Database Management

Traditional SQL databases are easy to use, and these technologies have been around for decades. The development costs associated with SQL are, therefore, very low. Many developers are moving to modern SQL applications that are designed for the cloud environment, but most of these applications force developers to make significant sacrifices. For example, NoSQL may offer simplified scaling, but this comes at the cost of manually coding data management. Some developers also choose NewSQL for scaling with SQL code, but this comes at the cost of major compromises in terms of flexibility and capability. NuoDB, on the other hand, eliminates the compromises associated with database management applications by enabling robust functionality while still retaining simplicity.

Advantages of NuoDB

NuoDB allows developers to dynamically scale databases while still utilizing simple SQL for database management. Unlike with NewSQL, NuoDB offers high performance and reliability. Unlike with NoSQL, no sacrifices have to be made in terms of consistency when working with SQL. With NuoDB, developers can enjoy the benefits of a robust SQL server appropriate for modern cloud applications without having to deal with the usual roadblocks to development or the proprietary restrictions associated with cloud databases. NuoDB should, therefore, be considered by developers as a viable solution for modern application development.



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