Complete Guide to Types of Wine Racks 1

A wine lover will love to have a stock of selective wines. When stocking up wines that require aging to reach a point where it is just perfect to taste, there has to be some right way to store them. When you have to store wine for a shorter period, then wine refrigerators can be the best choice as they always keep the wine chill to serve. But if you are supposed to store many wine bottles for a more extended time, then a wine rack is the best and cheapest option.

Complete Guide

Wine racks and cellars provide a proper storage area that helps wine mature over months and years. They help in:

  • Keeping the cork wet by delivering the right orientation
  • Easy identification of bottles
  • Decreasing the amount of direct light on bottles

By examining your needs, you can select the best type of wine rack for yourself. The following are the four major types of wine racks, explained with their pros and cons, that can help make your track selection easier.

1. Stackable Wine Racks –

These racks can be the best choice if you are beginning with your collection. Also, they consume less space to go for them if you have less storage space. These racks can be expanded, so you can easily extend them with your increase in wine collection. They are simple in design and style, and no installation is required.

2. Tabletop Wine Racks –

For a casual drinker, a tabletop rack is a sound option. It can store fewer bottles but is perfect for those living in a small home. These days tabletop frames also come in big sizes and have the capacity for wine glasses. Moreover, these racks look chic and add up to your home decor. Also, these can be placed on tables for small get-togethers. If your guests are wine lovers, they will surely love it.

But these racks are not a good option if you are looking for a frame for long-term storage. Their presence on the dining table will not provide the required temperature and humidity for the wine.

3. Wall-Mounted Racks –

For serious wine rack collectors, the wall-mounted rack is an ideal choice. They are large and have more capacity than tabletop wine racks. Also, these racks provide proper storage for the aging of wine when kept in a climate-controlled room. They also come in small sizes and look beautiful on the home’s walls. You cannot use these racks foraging if mounted on the kitchen wall.

4. Wine Cabinet –

You can go for a wine cabinet if you have limited storage capacity. As these cabinets have doors, your wine will be safe and get the right aging conditions. They also have space to store wine glasses.