Computer Hardware Troubleshooting Tips and Tools And Computer Freezes After Startup - Troubleshooting Tips 1

It’s frustrating to enjoy a few hardware issues when you are at the center of a few important work at the computer. The article below presents a few reachable laptop hardware auto troubleshooting recommendations and tools.

The computer hardware includes the mouse, keyboard, display, printer, scanner, etc. All our machines will face technical troubles at some unspecified time in the future or the alternative. However, you may perform a few primary computer auto-troubleshooting guidelines to make them practical. If they do not seem to work with the auto troubleshooting tools, you need to ship them for hardware repair. The paragraphs beneath provide a few short guidelines for the numerous hardware devices.



If the screen isn’t working, the primary element you want to do is to make certain that it’s been growing to become on by way of urgent the on/off button.

Next, test if the cable, which connects the laptop screen and the CPU, is connected properly. If not, join it correctly, or dispose of it and plug it in again.

Also, ensure that the cord used to power the screen is properly plugged inside the UPS.
If these tactics do not paint, you want to check both cables on a distinct reveal in running condition.
If the opposite display does not work with any of the cords, that cable desires to be replaced. If the alternative reveals works with both lines, there may probably be a problem on your screen.

You may additionally restart your computer, after which you take a look at whether or not the reveal is running or not.
If none of those pointers exercises session, you may seek advice from an expert technician.


The keyboard is a vital part of the laptop; you cannot perform several responsibilities without that. It must be kept from dust and dirt to ensure the right functioning.

If it does not work, you must first test its reference to the CPU. If the relationship is first-class and it still does not paintings, virtually try to connect it to another PS/2 socket or USB port (like a USB keyboard).

Unique drivers must be hooked up to the computer in the wireless keyboards for proper functioning. Ensure that such drivers are set up.

Also, make a point to check whether the drivers are updated. Hold the keyboard in an inverted way and eliminate the dirt or debris hampering the right running of a key or a set of keys. You can also put off dust with a vacuum cleaner or an air compressor.


If the cursor on the screen is not transferring smoothly, you must check for dust or any residue at the trackball rollers, allowing the pc to perceive the mouse’s motion appropriately.

Remove the rear mouse cover, so one can let the ball pop out, clean the trackball if wished, do away with the dust or residue, put the ball in once more, and subsequently place the duvet back. Check whether or not this works.

If the cursor does not circulate, check whether the mouse is successfully linked to the CPU.

If it’s a USB mouse, try to use a different USB port.

There may also be the potential hazard of a deadly disease if the mouse pointer does not work appropriately. If so, run an updated anti-virus software program and delete the virus as soon as feasible.

Check if the mouse drivers are corrupted; if yes, reinstall them.


If the printer doesn’t paint, there may be a possibility of a paper jam, which usually happens if the papers are not properly located in the tray.

For bigger printers, you can want to open various printer components to get to the location of a paper jam. This solely must be finished with the aid of a professional printer technician.

Don’t use equipment to do away with the paper jam, as some components may get broken during the technique.
If the printer doesn’t switch on, the energy cord can be free and desires to be plugged in well. The twine that connects the printer to the laptop also wishes to be checked.

These are some of the commonplace pc hardware troubleshooting steps that may be observed before taking the PC to an expert hardware repair save.

Computer Freezes After Startup – Troubleshooting Tips

Your pc freezes after startup, and you cannot proceed with something after that! Seems like familiar trouble? Then I agree; you have each right to understand the reasons, too, supplied here.


While running on computers, there is an excessive chance that your device might also freeze for no rhyme or motive. If your laptop freezes frequently, it’s time you first figure out why such a system is malfunctioning.

Reasons Why Computer Freezes on Startup

There are myriad reasons for a computer to freeze on startup. The Following reasons can be unfavorable in freezing your system more often.
Defective hardware (Electrostatic discharge and unfastened connections between hardware and laptop motherboard)
Faulty software (Codes using a lot of RAM; software inflamed with bots, viruses, and adware)

Bugged working structures (A corrupted Windows registry of the running machine)
Infected drivers (Improper setup of drivers, small applications that enable the hardware and software to paintings in sync)
In all of the above, the foundation cause that answers your query on why laptop freezes are almost all computers these days are assembled. So the hardware additives are synthetic by way of distinctive carriers, which may additionally bring about hardware malfunctioning of the machine. If your software program is corrupted with malicious applications through the Internet, freezing on startup is a caution sign indicating that your running gadget may be at risk. This is because viruses and spyware commonly replicate their code and keep them at hidden locations on your machine, thereby using extra RAM. This finally slows down your gadget. However, if the registry of the working system is corrupted, then a symptom like a computer freezing on startup might indicate caution to reformat your device.

Computer Freezes Shortly After Startup – Fixing the Problem

Sometimes, it may take place when you log into your gadget, and as the system is loading, your laptop freezes randomly, and irrespective of how normally you tap your keys and bang your mouse, the device remains frozen. In that case, I would suggest you try the following:

Reboot your gadget and set your machine to easy boot.

Click on Start, sort MSConfig in the begin menu’s search container, and click on Enter.
The device might also set off you for an affirmation, once in a while requesting an administrator’s password. Type the password and click on Continue.

Now, click on selective startup on the General tab, and underneath the Selective startup of the General tab, clean the load startup objects check box.
Select the Services tab and click on the Hide all Microsoft Services test box. Then click on Disable All.
Click OK. And once the machine prompts, click on Restart.

If your device begins, observe divide and triumph over the rules to discover the non-Microsoft carrier that is inflicting the trouble if your device runs on Windows Vista or XP.
Once the startup fiasco is solved, check for the registry. Here are a few steps to prevent this.
Click on Start.

In the quest container of the startup menu, kind REGEDIT. Click Enter.

Now discover this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlFileSystem.Once determined, set the NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation to one to delete any duplicate or quick versions for DOS names.
Computer Freezes After Startup But Works in Safe Mode – Fixing the Problem

Most human beings whinge about the pc freezing up in Windows Vista, and they might additionally observe that it activates for the gadget to start in ‘Safe Mode’ as soon as rebooted. Now earlier than understanding whether or not this safe mode is useful or no longer, it’s far more important to recognize what this secure mode is all approximately. Safe mode is a special way for Windows to load while a device is not beginning within the normal mode. Now inside the secure mode, no longer all features are enabled. Most auto troubleshooting device drivers aren’t loaded (like that of printer and scanner)—the command documents autoexec.Bat or config. Sys isn’t running. Standard VGA image mode is used and is now not the regular graphics tool driving force. In this mode, the gadget assessments for the MS-DOS.Sys for facts to discover the desired Windows files. So now the question arises, what to do once the device boots in secure mode? Your first action plan should be to test the basic cause for what had precipitated Windows to load incompletely.

Click on Start, and click on Manipulate panel. In recent times, if you have brought any tool driver, strive to uninstall it and then seek a reboot. If your device starts commonly, it is having some auto troubleshooting with the driving force software program. Check similarly for the setup of video games or new programs and strive to uninstall them if you have doubts about their installation. However, suppose there’s no problem with the hardware or the software program. In that case, it suggests a corrupt registry difficulty, which may be resolved simplest through getting a new setup reproduction of Windows.

When you face such difficulty, do no longer leap to conclusions that your gadget desires reformatting. Check out all the possible reasons and attempt to parent out the core motive of why your laptop freezes after beginning. And sure, one extra vital aspect usually saves your records in backup devices like a CD or a pen power of auto troubleshooting. It will shop your work as a minimum of auto troubleshooting!