Since you have invested a lot of money on your piano it is always better to hire experts to move it from one place to the other rather than doing it by yourself. Moving a piano must be done carefully as any mishap could append amidst the process. Because you really don’t want to risk its safety, it is advised to hire a professional piano-moving service. Since they are doing a great job for you, consider showing your appreciation and thankfulness by tipping the workers. Most people do not much about tipping etiquettes. Here are some important tips to keep in mind. Read more to find out.


Check with the norms of the company

Although tipping has become a general practice, many professional organizations do not allow their employees to accept tips from the clients. Therefore you need to first enquire whether it is allowed by the company or not. This could be done via a telephonic conversation at the time of booking or even by reading the “services and policies” section of their website. Doing so saves you from an awkward encounter of being rejected while handing over the money. There are some organizations that allow their clients to give tips only if they are really persistent and are highly satisfied with the service.

Following the general rule

Although tipping is completely optional and it is totally upto you on how much to give, there is general guideline on the amount. It is usually between the range of 20 to 40 dollars per person. Likewise, you should tip each of the movers individually to show your appreciation. Irrespective of what the general amount is, it also depends upon your budget and how much you are willing to give. Another thing which determines how much to give, is the quality of their work then they surely deserve a generous tip. If the movers were really polite and did not cause any damage to your belongings while doing the work, then they deserve a Better to find out in advance by asking your colleagues, neighbors or relatives who have previously hired a piano-moving service to get an idea.

Tipping for Long Distance Moves

For interstate or intercity moves, it’s essential to decide whether a similar group is doing the get and conveyance. In numerous out-of-state moves, diverse teams will cover every area. Amid these moves, make sure to tip each team independently.

Other Alternatives to consider

There are certain gestures which have a greater impact than money. Since moving is a tedious task and requires manual labor, you should show be generous towards your workers. Provide them with drinks and beverages in between the work. It is an extraordinary method to demonstrate your thankfulness while additionally demonstrating your anxiety for their prosperity. Furnish the team with lunch in lieu of a tip. If you are relocating to a new place and have a lot of old furniture to discard, then consider asking them once as to whether they might want it. This spares you time and cash and doesn’t affect the earth.