Cross Channel Ferry Routes 1

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Ferry Routes

Primary Routes and Operators

You can go from Dover to Calais in seventy mins while you pick to pass with SeaFrance, providing up to fifteen crossings daily. You could also tour from Dover to Calais while choosing P&O ferries, which have a crossing time of 70 mins; however, they can provide as many as 25 crossings an afternoon.

Norfolk Line Ferries

The Norfolk line gives four passenger ferry routes, including eleven sailings an afternoon between Dover and Dunkirk and from Dunkirk to Dover with a quick crossing time of the simplest one hour and fifty-nine minutes. The ferry path is near the principal motorways and, consequently, a more convenient manner of accomplishing Calais than many other routes.


The Norfolk line also gives three weekly sailings among Rosyth and Zeebrugge; this route’s crossing time is 20 hours. There are crossings from Liverpool (Birkenhead) to each Dublin and Belfast. There are 12 sailings every week to Dublin, and the crossing time is seven hours. It takes eight hours to move to Belfast, and there are 13 sailings every week.

Brittany Ferries

If you wish to tour Caen in France, you may want to travel from Portsmouth via Brittany Ferries. The business enterprise operates more than one day-by-day crossing to Caen with an approximate crossing time of six hours if you tour at some point of the day and seven hours in case you choose to go at night time. Alternatively, you may travel on the fast craft so one can get you there in 3 and three regional hours inside the day. Additionally, there may be a quick craft crossing from Portsmouth to Cherbourg each day, which takes around three hours. If you visit France from Ireland, Brittany Ferries offers one weekly cursing of fourteen hours between Cork and Roscoe.

If you are touring from Portsmouth to St. Malo, then Brittany Ferries is a day-by-day provider with a crossing time of eight and three-quarter hours; however, it takes longer at night, and the crossing time is eleven and a half hours. There are three sailings an afternoon from Poole to Cherbourg, and that is their shortest crossing between England and France. There are three ferries an afternoon from Plymouth to Roscoff, with 8 hours allowed for a single day crossing simultaneously as the corner takes the handiest six hours if you tour at some stage.

Condor Ferries

Condor Ferries run from Portsmouth to Cherbourg on an everyday foundation besides Sundays. Sunday crossings are handiest to be had among the twenty-fifth of May and the seventeenth of September. Condor Ferries also operates diverse hubs to the Channel Islands daily, with speedy seats between two hours and forty mins.

LD Ferries

LD lines operate day-by-day services from Portsmouth to Le Havre and Newhaven to Le Havre with crossing times of 5 and seven and 1/2 hours and five hours to Le Havre. It also runs crossings between Dover and Boulogne and Ostend to Ramsgate.