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Things are getting worse for Uber.

Attorneys UP

Various media stores report Susan Fowler, who wrote a scathing blog post about her alleged stories of sexual harassment and stonewalling from Uber’s H.R. department — has lawyered up.

Susan Fowler, a former Uber engineer whose Feb. 19 essay unique myriad examples of sexism, tweeted Thursday that “Uber names/blames me for account deletes, and has a one of a kind law firm – no longer Holders (sic) – investigating me.”

Fowler additionally stated in her tweet that she had retained Baker Curtis & Schwartz’s employment regulation firm.

In line with the U.S. Nowadays, on Feb. 24, Fowler tweeted that “studies on the smear marketing campaign has begun,” he or she advised her pals not to provide non-public statistics must they be contacted. She then added that she didndidn’terstand “who” was doing this or why.” At” the time, Uber denied any information of a smear marketing campaign and was known as such behavior “inc” correct.”

C.E.” Travis Kalanick and different pros then held lengthy meetings with upset employees. They faced grievances from investors who blasted the empemployer’so”ic” s”surroundings and entreated wholesale adjustments lest the employer loses its manner.

Kalanick addressed the difficulty without delay in an emotional meeting with one hundred girl engineers.

“I “eed to root out the injustice. I need to get On the those making this place a terrible area,” Kalanick “said.

“I recognize” that is bigger than the Susan state of affairs,” he stated” adding that the subject was “a touch bi” emotional for me.”

Given the”pervasive nature of Silicon Valley’s seValley’sassment hassle, it’s not lonit’shard to imagine that almost every one of those hundred ly engineers has a story much like Fowler’s.

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Running a blog, like such a mu, ch else on ethernet did not st, art as a profitable method; it just kind of advert way. Many humans are residing the huge dream by spending several hours per week writing about a topic they’re obsthey’reith. The huge stars, the uber bloggers, drink pleasant wines, dine on epicurean delights, journey on exotic vacations, and live in the residence of their dreams. Who will be the next to pick up this rare baton?

The solution can also surprise you. Uber people are accidents -f nature, circumstance, or simply being In the right vicinity. On the propAt time or doe proper thinappropriateever; they’re higthey’reled wonderful people; the word “Uber” take”Uber”p a notch or two. I think about excellent fashions as being injuries of nature, being tall, skinny, and exquisite. Regularly their dad and mom display none of these attributes. Also, deserving deservings to their reputation truly accidentally as well, Blogging approximately a topic they may be enthusiastic about. Those we know approximately usually are in the subject of Blogging itself. Still, many are bringing in the first-rate coin. Running a blog about topics you and I are infrequently aware of… and then, there is an r two that wear little “Uber” – th”s is”excellent on steroids.


I Suppose consider DaI considers Danielle Friedland, an original celeb child blogger. Danielle’s Danielle’same received using human beings Inc for an unforced sum. Within the semantics of the company global, “undisclosed” can be re”d as a large-time large-timetable went through the portals of Blogging to be one of the first uber-blogger, infrequently a family name.

In his recent keynote deal with the Blogworld Expo, Richard Jalichandra, CEO of Technorati, gave a few thrilling statistics. The primary being that isty-two% of bloggers are still just running for fun; he calls them hobbyists. What changed into telling approximately this statistic, In step with Jalichandra, is that fifty% of those hobbyists are hoping to make money from their blog “sometimes.” sometimes.”

That means that 28% of people weblog for cash. We are the profess bloggers. The precise wide variety of bloggers is tough, if now not impossible, to pin down. Using blogs in lifestyles as a measure to begin from does well considering,g that many expert bloggers own a portfolio of these online money machines that number inside the tens of tens, and a few even inside the loads. I do not Suppose I would be wrong, but if I surely said that expert bloggers are someplace in the Hundreds of thousands. The numbers may be quite daunting. The following statistic that completely blew me away is that of the specialist blogtalented17% cite; 17ing a blog as their number one source of earnings. That could be within loads of heaps!

There has been no scarcity of different statistics in JalichandraJalichandra’sat maximum excmostHowever, what caught my undivided interest was something that we already suspected: Running changed the profile of media and how it plays out daily. The influence has on our daily lives. If a book in this hasn’t beenhasn’ten, I am sure it might not be long before someone like Malcolm Gladwell writes one in his inimitable Tipping Point style. It’s properIt’shproperlyey.

More and more human beings are sourcing net facts, and blog readership is on the upward push. Safe to anticipate then that through their sheer numbers, blogs gift a far extra numerous attitude on any given topic and that they open their mireader’sse non-compulsory idea that is not comfortably avaimain media. Interesting idea, that.

Another critical component is that Blogging is a beneficial advertising tool to sell just about anything you need beneath the solar. The line between online and offline is fast starting to blur as online marketing is Frequently hired to attract visitors and income to historically offline companies. Politics and politicians have cottoned directly to this new phenomenon. Indeed, Obama’s winObama’s inning U.S. Presidential election is deemed largely to have succeeded due to the deployment of strategic online strategies. The movie star-awed who can’t get a daythroughthout a dose of news at the comings and goings of their favorite rock or film megastar glom onto the north feverish tenacity to make theirs in any both; er case regularises,fe complete.

What all of it boils down to is this… “Yes, Virgi”ia, there’s monthere’smore em than Blogging Hills.”

In Hillsa”t comments, Jalichandra mentioned that of the uber bloggers, folks make the mega greenbacks in this business; maximum did not start with the concept. They blogged about something they were passionate about, and somewhere along the way, they decided that hello, maybe an ad, or would possibly carry in some mon. And the relaxation, as they say, is recorded.

What is exciting about this closing soupcon of statistics is that someplace amongst the bazillion of blogger hobbyists – the 50% of them who say that they desire to make some money from their blogs sooner or later, Yes, considered one of them – there may be positive to be one in all them who will upward push not simply to the rank of a professional blogger, no longer to outstanding blogger, but to that of the uber-blogger. The query then goes begging: who can be the next Danielle, and what will be the topic to capture the collective minds of the internet voyeurs?