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Potsdam-Rehbruecke – The German Institute of Human Vitamins (DIfE) has Up to date web version of its German Diabetes Hazard Score* and has optimized it for mobile devices. The test now considers the familial predisposition and is immediately available freed from rate, each in German and English, at https://drs.Dife.De/. The update is primarily based on clinical results that the researchers at Defi published mutually with colleagues from the German Center for Diabetes Studies (DZD) within the journal Diabetes Research and Scientific Practice.

Benefits of the test

The Diabetes Threat Score was created in 2007, and because of then, it has constantly evolved further with the aid of Defi and DZD scientists. The test is primarily based on the information of the Potsdam EPIC** examination, a protracted-term observation of weight loss plan and health, wherein more than 27,000 women and men are collaborating. Using the check, adults can, without difficulty, quickly and very exactly determine their private chance of growing type 2 diabetes in the next five years. One of the major Blessings of the web test is that at the cease of the test, you are given custom-designed pointers individually on the way to reduce your hazard. You may strive out at once how a lot. You may influence your chance, and as an instance, by decreasing the value you entered to your waist circumference or by increasing your cost for entire wheat bread intake. Another new function is to compare your test result on a graph with a mean man or woman of equal age and intercourse. This helps you investigate higher your non-public and create the ideal context.

Why it’s vital to understand your personal diabetes chance.

The sickness develops slowly over the years so that it is often detected too overdue – particularly now, not until there’s already quite an organ harm. Whoever takes the test and catches an extended or even a high chance can adopt measures to counteract the ailment outbreak or even undergo diabetic drug treatment if essential. The disease and the ensuing damage can be averted or, at the least, significantly not on time with early and centered preventive or healing measures. You may find a way to take simple steps to save the sickness at https://pc14.Dife.De/get/tvwssp.

kind two diabetes and its critical results

In Germany, around six million people are laid low with diabetes. Of these, more than ninety percent suffer from kind two diabetes. This isn’t a trivial disease – if untreated, it can lead to blindness, amputations, kidney failure, heart assaults, or stroke. In step with the Robert Koch Institute, diabetes is One of the maximum luxurious persistent sicknesses and burdens the German fitness system with charges walking into the billions.


Ok. Mühlenbruch et al. 2014: update of the German Diabetes Risk Rating and External Validation in the German MONICA/KORA take a look at. Diabetes Studies and Medical Exercise (doi:10.1016/j.Diabetes.2014.03.013)

K. Mühlenbruch et al. 2014: Vorhersage des Risikos für Typ-2-Diabetes in der deutschen Bevölkerung mit dem aktualisierten DRT (DIfE – DEUTSCHER DIABETES-RISIKO-check®). Ernährungsumschau 6/2014; p. 90ff, M306 https://www.Ernaehrungs-umschau.De/fileadmin/Ernaehrungs-Umschau/pdfs/pdf_2014/06_14/EU06_2014_90_M306_M309.Pdf.

Background facts:

* The Defi – GERMAN DIABETES danger Rating is to be had each online take a look at and in exceptional questionnaire variations for personal individuals or sufferers. The check changed into established using the information of the Heidelberg EPIC observation, the Tübingen Own family study for type 2 diabetes, the study “Metabolic Syndrome Berlin Potsdam,” and the MONICA/KORA examination (Tracking developments and determinants in CArdiovascular ailment/Cooperative fitness Studies in the Area of Augsburg). All test variations permit an exact dedication to a person’s character diabetes risk for the next five years. The look at changed into developed via DIfE the usage of the public price range (Federal Government, Nation of Brandenburg, Ecu Union). A similar development of the take-a-look occurs within the framework of DZD Research.

** EPIC: Eu Potential Investigation into Cancer and Nutrients. The EPIC study is a Prospective study investigating the relationships among weight-reduction plans, Cancer, and different continual sicknesses and kind two diabetes. Twenty-three administrative facilities in ten Eu countries with 519,000 adult participants are involved in the examination. The Potsdam EPIC examination, with more than 27,000 participants, is a part of the EPIC observation.

*** GBE Compact: Information and traits from the fitness Report of the Federal Government; Diabetes mellitus; Robert Koch Institute 3/2011 Vol. 2 (in German simplest)