Difference between a Coffin and a Casket- which one to choose 1

One of the hardest and most crucial tasks is planning the funeral of your loved one. Indeed, deciding on having a loved one buried is not an easy task but you need to control your emotions to fulfill this duty maturely. For most people, the most difficult thing is finding the right casket that their loved one deserves.

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To choose the right coffin, first, you need to know all the available options. Notably, most people don’t even know that “coffin” and “casket” are not the same thing and use both the terms interchangeably. Though the purpose of both a casket and a coffin is the same, the difference lies in their design. Both are burial containers but a coffin has a totally different shape than a casket. So, for selecting the right option for a funeral, you first need to know the exact difference between the two. Read further to clear all your doubts!

A Coffin

In the funeral industry, the word coffin is used for a narrow box which is used to hold a deceased body for a funeral service and burial. It has a hexagonal shape with six sides. The shape of this container is designed to conform to the shape of a body- a narrow headspace, wider shoulder area, and a tapering shape at the feet. You can find wooden or metal coffins with either a removable lid or attached hinges.

The next difference between a coffin and casket is the pricing. Coffins are a preferred option for those looking for a more affordable container. The shape of a coffin is designed in a way to save money on wood. Since these are narrower at the bottom and feet, while wider at the shoulder, they tend to be cheaper than caskets. So, while making a choice, you should consider your preferred shape and of course, budget.


Unlike a coffin, a casket is a specially made rectangular box with four sides and a lid on its hinges. It is a more preferred option when visitation part of a funeral service is concerned as it allows family and friends to say a final goodbye. The box has rails on each side that makes handling and transportation to the final resting place easier. You will find various different types and styles of caskets which contain a cloth interior to make the inside of the box soft and comfortable for the deceased. From laminate and veneered wood caskets to steel and solid copper or bronze caskets, there are plenteous options to choose from. Moreover, you’ll find a partial opening (half couch) or full opening (full couch) options also to make viewing easy.

You can even customize caskets to fit your unique needs and add personalized panels that have a message carved on it. If you think caskets are too expensive, it’s best to buy online. Usually, the cost of caskets depends on the size, materials, and added features. If you’re tight on budget, you can consider the basic options that look beautiful and still have some basic features. Also, metal caskets tend to be on the more expensive side, so consider wooden options.