A Gibsonville guy with a long and violent criminal report will spend so long as 8 years in jail after pleading responsible for robbing a Dollar General at knifepoint of $298 and a beer.

Milton Lee Farrington Jr., 56, of 4306 Waterbridge Court pleaded guilty to legal theft with a risky weapon in Alamance County Superior Court and turned into sentenced to 5 years, 10 months to eight years jail.

According to the District Attorney’s Office and court docket information, Farrington went into the Dollar General on North Church Street the evening of Oct. 11 and took a Bud Light to the check-in. When the clerk asked him for his identification, Farrington told her he had a gun and, making the form of a pistol in the pocket of his hooded sweatshirt, demanded cash.

Dollar General knifepoint robbery

The clerk instructed Farrington she didn’t consider he had a gun, and he took out an orange box cutter, forced her to open the sign-up, took cash from her arms, and left the store with the money — and the beer. He was arrested later that week.

Farrington’s crook report begins with some of the forgery expenses in 1989. His steady movement of convictions includes riding at the same time as impaired, larceny, and assault on a female. It becomes damaged only through a jail sentence for a 1999 conviction of 2nd-diploma rape.

Misdemeanor assault

Also in Superior Court this week:

A jury located Jerry Brandon, fifty-one, responsible for misdemeanor assault inflicting serious damage, after a two-day trial, which turned into a least a partial victory for Brandon, who changed into charged at the start with the criminal attack with a deadly weapon inflicting serious harm.



According to the prosecution, on April 23, Brandon struck his landlord on the pinnacle with a rake or a pipe at the same time as under the influence of alcohol, leaving the victim with a bloody head wound.

“It turned into a metallic object from at the back of,” Assistant District Attorney Doug Green told the jury in his closing statement. “He hit him in the head from in the back of.”

Brandon had a casual association with the sufferer, Edward Beasley, to hire a trailer near Beasley’s residence on George Miles Road, Burlington. On April 23, Brandon joined Beasley and a few buddies speaking and ingesting collectively at his house.

After some drinking, Green said, Brandon was given approximately something and went back to his trailer, wherein he made sufficient noise that Beasley felt the need to go over and inform him to chill out. Brandon instructed Beasley to go away, the two got into a quick bodily struggle, and Beasley walked away, but Brandon hit him in the head as he walked away.

Beasley testified he didn’t see Brandon hit him or with what, but former sheriff’s Deputy Martin Shutt, now with Haw River police, testified that Brandon admitted to hitting Beasley a pipe. The weapon changed into now not recovered.

“Where is the dangerous weapon?” protection legal professional Alex Dawson III asked in his last remarks.

Dawson started the prosecution could not show assault with a deadly weapon without the weapon. He could not show Beasley really suffered a critical injury and made a factor to tell the jury about its choice to find his customer responsible for a lesser offense, which it did.

Brandon turned into sentenced to one hundred fifty days in prison, but having already spent extra than seven months in prison awaiting trial, he changed into freed with time served.

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