Elevators are such a common thing in today 1

Elevators are such a common thing in today’s life, that office goers can’t even think of office, without elevators. In modern times, high rise buildings feature a lot of companies together in a rental basis, and hence, people commute to their respective floors through elevators. Elevators carry us, hundreds of feet up or down, and the risks associated with it are enormous. A lot of things might go wrong with the functioning of the elevator, which can risk the lives of the people commuting by it. But, since the inception of elevators in the late twentieth century, a lot have been invested towards making sure that elevators are safe for commuting. Still, accidents happen. According to a statistic in 2017, about 30 people died due to an accident in an elevator, and about 17000 people were gravely injured pertaining to accidents due to an elevator. Hence, it is really important to undertake some safety measure, when one boards a lift.

Elevators are such a common thing in today 2

While the most common problems with elevators cannot actually by personified as accidents, as such, but nonetheless, they are frustrating. For instance, the most common problem with elevators are, stopping midway between two floors, where you are stuck inside the elevator for at least a few minutes. These problems in busy hours often gives rise to irritation and frustration as well. However, there are still other accidents that might happen, which can risk one’s life. For instance, a doctor in Houston, Texas was decapitated due to a malfunction in the elevator. Though, these incidents are very rare, but they are possible.



Therefore, in this article, we will discuss about some of the safety tips that you should remember while boarding an elevator.

When you Approach the Elevator

When you approach the elevator, or board the elevator it’s important that you know where you want to go. To call the elevator, push the button with directions, with the direction you want to go. Hence, if you want to go up, you need to press the Up button and vice versa. Remember, if the elevator is full, don’t try to forcefully make your place, since there is a maximum limit up to which an elevator may take up people.
Sometimes people, if they see the gate of the elevator is closing, and wants to stop it at the last moment, they barge in their legs or hands as a block to not let the door close. Don’t ever do that. It is advisable that you board in the next elevator.

When You Enter and Leave the Elevator

While entering and leaving, watch your steps and make sure that your cloths are not hanging near the opening of the elevator. They shouldn’t get stuck with the opening. If you have an aged person, leaving the elevator, you may ask another person to hold the open button of the lift, to buy some more time for the aged person to go out of the lift.

While Riding

Try to stand as far as possible from the gates. Make sure that you are watching the floor indicators, and also if the elevator stops, and the door is jammed and is not opening, click the open-door button.
If the elevator happens to stop in the middle, between floors, then it is advisable for the people inside not to panic and to call for the security personnel with the phone available inside the elevator. Just remember, that the interior of the elevator is designed for passenger safety. Do not ever attempt to force open the door, it may get locked from outside, which might even be a bigger problem.

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