Employee Time Tracking and Management for Staffing Agencies 1

Staffing agencies are one of the most crucial businesses someone could decide to be in. They are imperative for some people who are looking for jobs and businesses in need of employees. A staffing agency helps connect searching employees to other hiring managers. It can be a huge help when someone doesn’t know where to start looking.

However, who takes care of the staffing agency’s employees? With so many people across the state in different places, who manages them? There is now an easy way to track all your employees at the staffing agency – employee time tracking software.

Employee Time Tracking and Management for Staffing Agencies

Having an employee timekeeper app that caters directly to your business is essential for proper management and getting your employees paid for the correct number of hours worked. With adequate employee time tracking software in place, you can do many functions, all vital elements to running your staffing agency.

Staffing agencies are unique because someone under the agency goes to a job and works in that job. The employee then gets paid by the agency rather than the company. At the end of the trial, the position that hired the staffing agency may or may not keep that employee. With people in many different places doing various careers, you need a versatile app that tracks employee time.

What You Should Look for In Employee Time Tracking Software

A proper online timecard system allows you to manage your team better even when they’re not in the same building. This also allows the employees to get paid properly and helps them feel they’re doing a good job when their minutes are accurately accounted for. Here are some of the most crucial things to look for when choosing a system for employee timesheet management.

Multiple Platforms – You will want to make sure whatever employee time tracking solution you choose to manage your employees is diverse. This means it can be used on a computer, a tablet, a phone, or just about anything with an internet connection. This is easier than doing it by hand and will automatically update numbers for payroll.

Variety – Instead of catering to one industry, look for employee time-tracking software that caters to multiple. You will want to find software that allows you to track different rates for each job. This will enable you to increase job costs per employee rather than have everyone in the same position at the same rate.

Wi-Fi – If you have something connected to the Wi-Fi, an employee can punch time if they are in that specific location. This allows all other companies you partner with access to the time app. It makes it easy to do payroll. No additional information needs to be collected, and the company you partner with does not need to lift a finger!

ReportingThis should be easy; instead of running reports on each employee by hand, you can type in a location or employee name and instantly access records. If it is any more complicated, you should look for different software for employee time tracking.

Multiple Companies – Along with accessing this software on various platforms, you should look for an app that allows multiple employers to use it simultaneously. A staffing agency is unique, and most of your employees will not be working for the same person. You will need something that can keep up with how many partners you have, not just one.

Final Thoughts

Managing a staffing agency is hard work. All your employees work for other people at one time, and you need something connecting you. Choosing software meant for employee time tracking will help them feel like they are worth their working hourslly when pay is accurate.

It is a way to boost their morale when they know every minute is being accounted for. However, choosing appropriate software that will keep up with a staffing agency can be hard. Look for those helpful tips above; they could help you manage your business better and more efficiently.