When we feel something in our body is troubling us and is hampering our daily day to day activities, there is a reason to be concerned. Moreover, if the trouble is in breathing, we need to take it more seriously since respiration is one of the most important things needed to be alive. Hence, whenever there is a respiration problem, we run to the doctor to check what it actually is.

Malformed Septum

Visiting the doctor will give you a rough insight into the root cause of the problem. The doctor, being the expert, will also instruct you on the medication to solve this issue. If the issue cannot be solved by medication, the doctor will instruct you to undergo surgery. For instance, if someone has a problem with his/her nasal passage, it is imperative that he/she has to go through surgery to normalize his/her breathing.


Now, when talking about your nasal passage structure, or in terms of your nose, the septum is a membrane that divides your nasal passage into two parts. This membrane is predominantly made up of cartilages and bones. The septum’s main use is to channel the flow of air in and out of your nose. In general, the septum should be straight and should be positioned accordingly in the nose. If the septum is not straight and is not adequately positioned, it might hamper the airflow through the nose, affecting breathing.

In fact, some of us do have a septum, which is not exactly at the vertical position. Now, this phenomenon is also called a deviated septum. A deviated septum is generally a phenomenon that happens at the time of birth, or it can also result from an accident. Sometimes, after an accident, the deviated septum cannot be properly fixed, and there can be a problem of breathing post-surgery as well. As we discussed earlier, your nose’s septum plays a vital role in breathing in and breathing out. Hence, it is essential that if you do have a deviated septum, you go through a surgical procedure to make it vertically placed.

Initial symptoms that you may have a deviated septum can be snoring, which is again not a serious problem and can even happen to people who don’t have a deviated septum. But, snoring is one of the very first symptoms and can largely disturb anyone who sleeps by your side.
A deviated septum is also a reason for sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder. In sleep apnea, your breathing suddenly breaks off, and the body starts gasping. As we know, if one can’t breathe for a long time, there would be a lack of oxygen in the body, and hence, there can be extreme consequences.

To correct the deviated septum phenomenon, one can go through a surgery, which is also called deviated septum rhinoplasty. If one wants to go through this surgery, then he/she needs to consult a doctor first, who will judge the extent of the problem and decide if the surgery would be done or not.

Deviated Septum Rhinoplasty is a minor surgery and lasts for 1-2 hours, and costs around $3000. Before opting for rhinoplasty, you must get a well-experienced surgeon first. Oleh Slupchynskyj is a rhinoplasty surgeon based in New York. Call him to know more.