Essential Tips for Horse-Barn-Designing 1

While building a barn, you have to spare a thought for both the building codes and settling on the best equipment. However, there are several factors apart from these that you would have to bear in mind- the stall space, the ventilation systems, the storage, etc. Designing a horse stall becomes a more expansive task once we consider these matters.


Following are a few design basics for building a horse barn that will help you bring your plans to fruition.

1.Your Competence

The first step in building a barn is to access your own level of prowess and competence. This becomes indispensable if you think of doing a DIY barn, where you will be putting together the entire structure based on your knowledge and skill. Do not try and do something that you know is not within your bounds, as it can inhibit the construction on multiple occasions. Moreover, you would want to make sure that your horses are comfortable and safe in your barn.

2.Type of Barn

Plan a layout of your barn and identify a suitable barn according to your needs. The materials to be used would depend on this. If you happen to live in an area marked by a low-fire risk, you might have the choice to opt for a barn made of wood. Wooden barns are indeed more cost-effective for small-scale barns; however, it is a better option to decide on steel barns in the long run. With all its advantages, a steel barn does lack the attributes and the spirited nature of wooden barns. You could also settle on prefabricated barns as they are made of steel, easy to maintain under most circumstances, and are economical. They also stand strong against fire-risks.

3.Dimensions of the Stall

Make your stall as wide and spacious as possible- your horse might find it unwelcoming if it has to be sequestered in a confined space. After that, decide the layout and the size of the feed and hay storage, stable supply room, and tack room. Awash rack or a vet care area is completely optional, but if you have the means, you might want to add them to your blueprint. If you have a professional team at your disposal for the construction, you might consult them for initiating the plans, as well as for inquiring about the feasibility of your blueprint. The Horse Shed Shop would assist you every step of the way to materialize your vision on paper and in reality.

4.Other Provisions

Proper and open ventilation systems are obligatory for your horse’s well-being. If your horse is kept enclosed in a poorly ventilated space, it might develop chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases by being constantly exposed to irritants such as debris, fumes, and hay dust. Construction of the barn perpendicular to the prevalent breeze, a high ceiling, and windows are facilitators of good ventilation. Sliding doors are an optimum choice in this matter. Installing high windows are ideal, as they would allow for more natural light to be disseminated and make your barn’s environment more salubrious.

In case you have any doubts or shortcomings regarding the construction of your barn, or if you’d simply like some help in the building process, you can give The Horse Shed Shop a try. They provide a wide range of equine products and services, and they will cater to all your needs.