The installation of an indoor fountain can warrant a major upgrade for your interior décor and become the centrepiece of the house. It can additionally supplement the overall aesthetic of the house as well. One of the major advantages an indoor fountain has over its outdoor counterpart is that they have the ability to stay free from dirt and debris in comparison. They have a relatively easier methodology for the water supply as well. Although traditional fountains maintain their basic shortcomings with regard to their pumps, impeding a consistent flow of the water.

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The equipment that is used to operate is simplistic, however, with passing time, there could be a possible accumulation of dirt and debris that could hinder the fountains from their optimal functioning.

Enumerated below are a few times that will help you in the regular upkeep of your indoor fountains.


As aforementioned, indoor fountains, although requiring much less administration than outdoor ones, do necessitate a certain level of upkeep. With any kind of fountains, there is always a risk of clogs. Given that an indoor fountain does not clog as much, you must nevertheless make sure to clean the fountains and the pump housing regularly to prevent any such event. To be certain that your pump is in a good form, you could consider wrapping it up in a porous and thin material such as a pantyhose so as to filter any debris out. You could also consider conducting monthly examinations of the inside of the housing to ascertain that there is no debris or material that could potentially block the flow of water.

Water Control

The water supply provision of indoor fountains can be controlled with ease. This entails that the water can be kept standard at a particular level in such a manner that it is optimized perfectly to your liking. In addition to that, you could also regular the type of water that would flow through your indoor fountains. A common complaint among homeowners is that their indoor fountain often gets too noisy. This can be traced back to the insufficient amount of water flowing through the indoor fountain system. Given this, if the fountain sucks up some air in the lines, there will be a persistent gurgling noise coming from the structure. In such a case, make sure that you consult with your professional fountain installation company to come to a viable solution.

Type Of Water

Lastly, the type of water could also contribute to the noise that persists in your indoor fountains. Furthermore, it could be an indication that your pump has been damaged severely. The durability of the fountain pump is directly dependant on the type of water that is flowing through the system. Tap water could be detrimental to the longevity of the pump as it comprises a multitude of minerals that could gradually accumulate inside the pipes. Professional fountain experts recommend the use of distilled water in indoor fountains to keep them in their most productive state.

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